Rope Lights

What is a Rope Light?

Rope lights are miniature bulbs (incandescent or LED) encased in flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing and marked at specific intervals for cutting to your specifications. Rope lights are a genre of linear lighting and are known by many names, including tube lights, cable lights, light rope, ropelight, and flexible impact lighting.

Rope light styles vary in design and function, but all are highly flexible making them extremely versatile. The ability to customize the length coupled with the ease of bending and twisting into almost any shape are part of what make rope lights a great solution for a wide range of lighting projects. Our rope lights come ready for indoor use and, with modest modifications, can easily be used safely outdoors too. Standard 120 volt plug and play Brilliant Brand LED rope lights are a top choice among professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Birddog Lighting also offers more sophisticated two-color options and several multi-color options with dazzling effects to take your lighting game to the next level. Also, be sure to check out our other exclusive rope light colors and color combos like teal, Mardi gras, and patriotic (red, white, and blue).

This wide-ranging product has changed the way people bring lighting to their everyday lives. Rope light’s utility has resulted in its appearance virtually everywhere you look. Regardless of your lighting design, the flexibility, resilience, and nearly limitless possibilities remain constant. Brilliant Brand Lighting leads the pack in terms of quality, durability, availability, and customer service.

What Sets Rope Light Apart?

Rope Light Flexibility, Durability, and Energy Efficiency

It’s no mystery why rope lights have revolutionized the linear lighting industry. Functionality, versatility, affordability, ease of use, and simplistic installation are among the many benefits that have propelled this style of lighting to the top of the list of decorators, do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, businesses, and contractors. As we expand our journey towards energy efficiency and minimizing our carbon footprint, the days of incandescent use are waning with LEDs becoming the new standard.

Brilliant Brand LED rope lights lead the charge in the revolution of decorative and accent lighting. LEDs enable the user to enjoy lower power consumption and an overall longer life of the product. Their working life is three times that of a typical incandescent bulb, and their energy consumption is up to seven times less! Thereby “lightening” the load on your wallet over the long term. Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and beautiful, these linear marvels are a wonderful addition to any home, event, outdoor space, or business.

So, what makes LED rope lights different?

  • The use of small light emitting diodes produces a desirable glowing effect through the colored or clear PVC encasement.
  • These energy efficient and durable diodes extend the life of your investment and ease the burden on your pocketbook.
  • LED rope lights produce a brighter, more consistent, brilliant glow for your custom projects.
  • The flexibility of the rope shape allows the user to bend, twist, and contort the rope lighting into almost any custom configuration.
  • Easily cut your rope light to the desired length in fixed intervals.
  • Cost effective solution that won’t break the bank.
  • A variety of available rope light accessories ensures easy customization.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.

What Different Types of Rope Lights Are Available?

Rope lights come in a multitude of different voltages, colors, sizes, and shapes. Each variation caters to different needs and applications. Let’s explore the main varieties:

120 Volt LED Rope Lights

  • Standard omnidirectional bulb placement. Warm & cool white available with directional bulb placement.
  • 360 degree flexibility offers the most versatility among rope light options.
  • Comes in bulk spools of 145’, 65’, and custom cut lengths.
  • Available in various single colors as well as patriotic, warm or cool white, and multi-color.
  • Cuttable in 19.5” intervals.
  • Clear PVC tubing with colored LED bulbs. Available in Pro Series with colored PVC.
  • Ideal for decorative purposes, events, and accent lighting.

120 Volt SMD LED RGB Rope Lights

  • A rectangle shaped rope light with individual red, green, and blue bulbs.
  • Offers color-changing capabilities with included controller.
  • Comes in bulk spools of 145’, 65’, and custom cut lengths.
  • Cuttable in 39” intervals.
  • Perfect for creating dynamic lighting effects.
  • High flexibility on one bending plane.
  • Best for installation on flat surfaces.

120 Volt Incandescent Rope Lights

  • Traditional incandescent bulbs in a rope light form.
  • Available in warm white, multi-color, and various single color options.
  • Clear bulbs encased in colored PVC.
  • Cuttable in 36” intervals.
  • Available inn 3/8” or 1/3” diameters.
  • Most affordable short term option.

66 Volt Chasing PLC LED RGB Rope Lights

  • Round color-changing rope lights with dynamic chasing effects.
  • 360 degree flexibility offers great versatility.
  • Available in spools of 65’.
  • Not cuttable.
  • Best for lighting projects where maximum color dynamics are desired.

12 Volt LED Rope Lights

  • Omnidirectional blub placement.
  • Max run length of 33 feet.
  • Cuttable every 5 inches.
  • Requires 12 volt power source.
  • Available in warm white or cool white.
  • Perfect for low voltage applications like autos, RVs, boats, etc.

What Are Rope Lights Used For?


Rope lighting has solidified itself as the new standard in the indoor and outdoor decorative lighting industry. For more information on LED rope lights, please view our Rope Light Spec Sheet. This product’s innate malleability allows for infinite implementations. Bend around corners, wrap around trees or poles, or use them to design unique messages with creative writing options. Rope light’s indoor/outdoor versatility has facilitated its growing popularity in numerous settings and can be found in bedrooms, on yachts, in back yards, outlining bars, wrapped around deck railings, and capturing the elegance of architectural features.


Not only are rope lights used for decorative and accent applications, but they are also capable of fulfilling your practical needs. Safety is paramount. An LED rope light outlining a dark pathway or stairs minimizes the opportunity for accidents and provides a sense of security for those traveling through the area at night, all the while offering a unique ambiance along the path.


When properly prepared for outdoor use with our waterproof heat tape kit, LED rope lights create unlimited opportunities. Direct your wedding guests to the ceremony with lighted pathways, complement the beauty of your landscape by wrapping tree trunks, or outline the window of your business to emphasize your product displays. Light up signage, other outdoor fixtures, or create your very own display.

Rope Lights on an outdoor pathway
Rope Lights Merry Christmas Signage
Rope Lights on hand railings

Rope Lights For Home Improvement

LED rope lights are a favorite among consumers of all ages and abilities. They enable the DIYer to easily refresh their space. This subtle yet remarkable update is attainable with Birddog Lighting’s array of rope lighting options.

Uses for LED rope lights:

  • Under cabinet application to augment your work lighting and kitchen countertops.
  • Outlining the floor to create a path through a dark space such as a home theater.
  • Imbedding within the crown molding in your living room will create a warm, romantic glow.
  • There are numerous uses for landscape lighting to beautify your yard.
  • Create unique holiday decorations.
  • Use it as temporary lighting at events.
  • Our full line of rope light accessories will effortlessly make those dreams a reality.
Rope Lights on House Exterior Trim

Let Birddog Lighting’s exclusive brand of rope lights, Brilliant Brand, demonstrate the difference with quality, reliability, and performance above all others. Our experienced customer service team provides you with the expertise necessary to design and implement the lightscape of your dreams. Give us a call today at (406) 586-5970, chat using the chat widget on any web page, or email us at and join the long list of satisfied customers.

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