120v 5050 LED Strip Light Accessories

Now keep in mind that the accessories you are picking out are the correct size for the awesome strip lights you are purchasing! We have two sizes and accessories do not always cross over to work with both sizes. Everything in this section will fit our 120v 5050 SMD LED Strip Lights.

We have awesome advanced accessories like our Universal Controllers and several different splice kit options. We even have strip light accessory bundles so you can have everything you would need for you project in one purchase.

Where should strip lights be placed?

You can really put strip lights anywhere. Traditionally strip lights are meant to be back lighting such as under a bar or underneath a cabinet. The newest trend is to have the lights visible (you can notice the individual diodes on the strip since there is no diffused cover over the lights). Our favorite lights for exposed lighting are neon! Neon lights are sleek and seamless and still have a very bright eye catching aesthetic while also having all the same capabilities as strip lights.

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