120v 5050 LED Strip Light Custom Cut

So, if you need a small length of our 5050 Strip Lights, we have every option to purchase separately with our lights. Birddog Lighting’s strip lights are manufactured to be cut every 19.5 inches. This is a specific soldered connection in the lights that allow for a break to happen without damaging the entire length of lights. Each of these lengths are available up to 148 feet.

Custom cuts are a great option for individuals who do not feel comfortable cutting the lights on their own. Each custom cut comes with an installed power cord and end cap. We have seven color options to choose from as well.

Are strip lights easy to remove?

Yes and No! Depends on the strip light. Our 120 volt lights can be mounted with mounting track or clips. The lights are easy to take down but both these options need to be either taped/glued or screwed into the surface. Our 12 volt strip lights on the other hand come with an adhesive to the back of the actual lights. They are fairly easy to remove but replacing a section with a splice is a little more challenging since you need to work on the lights in the spot they are mounted in.

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