LED Lighting Guide for the Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the world. It’s where you can truly be yourself, where you connect with your partner and where you get ready to face every new day. Create your own personal oasis for sleep, romance and privacy with LED strip lights for the bedroom.

You may think of LED strip lights as strictly decoration for parties and events. But the pros at Birddog Lighting know how to use them for any type of lighting, from making your kitchen brighter to entertaining in the backyard to setting up a killer gaming area.

Read on for the Birddog Lighting LED Lighting Guide for the Bedroom of Your Dreams!

LED RGB Bedroom Lights

What are the Best LED Light Strips for Bedrooms?

The best LED strip lights for your bedroom are easy to install, energy efficient and versatile enough to light up the room in multiple ways. The good news is that all the LED strip light options at Birddog Lighting meet these requirements! Our 12-volt LED Strip Lights take mere seconds to put up and won’t harm most wall or furniture finishes with their double-sided sticky tape backing. As for energy efficiency, LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs do while emitting cooler, brighter light. Plus, you can cut our LED strip lights at measured intervals to fit your space, dim them with a dimmer switch or controller and change the color to match your mood.

Are LED Strip Lights Safe in the Bedroom?

Yes! LED bulbs stay very cool because they generate no infrared energy. Heat-sinks within the fixtures remove the little heat that LEDs create while converting electricity into visible light, pulling that heat away from the bulb and dissipating it in the air. This means our LED strip lights remain cool to the touch and pose very low risk for heat damage to you or your furnishings.

How to Install LED Strip Lights in a Bedroom

Installing LED strip lights in your bedroom is very easy. Our 12-volt LED Light Strips come with double-sided sticky tape backing that adheres to walls, dressers, bedframes and more. For illuminating larger areas, our 120-volt LED Strip Lights can be mounted to walls and ceilings with PVC tracks or clips that are easy to use and quick to install. Just be sure to spend a little time planning which LED lights will work in your room and how you want them configured to avoid extra work. Installing LED light strips is fairly easy, but you’ll need to consider your options and know a few terms before choosing the right LED lights for your space.

LED Strip Light Bedroom Ideas

The best bedroom lighting accomplishes a lot. You need bright ambient lighting for getting ready in the morning, focused light for reading in bed and indirect lighting for creating a cozy mood or finding your way at night. Here are some LED strip light bedroom ideas from the pros to get you started:

1. Layer Up

For bright ambient lighting that’s less harsh than fluorescent bulbs, install LED strip lights in warm white all the way around the ceiling. Task lighting is more focused than overhead lights for reading or working in bed. Get that focus with a little artistic flare by wrapping your headboard, wall art or nightstands in LED strip lights. These flexible options can be cut at designated intervals, so you can easily fit them to your furnishings. For makeup application, surround a mirror with super-bright battery-operated puck lights.

2. Get Moody

When romance is in the air, LED strip lights can help set the mood. Both our 120-volt and 12-volt LED strip lights are dimmable to create a low-light atmosphere with the flick of a switch. Choose colors that are universally flattering, like purple or red, to help set the mood for you and your partner getting intimate. Or you could go for our LED RGB Light Strips that allow thousands of color combinations and operate easily with our multi-function controllers.

You can adjust from bright to moody at a moment’s notice. Candlelight is flattering and romantic, but a little dangerous in the bedroom, so consider LED candle bulbs in sconces or bedside lamps for that sexy flutter without the flame.

3. Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Blue light from TVs, phones and other devices can interrupt natural sleep patterns. Make your bedroom a sanctuary of sleep with LED strip lights in colors that are easier on your eyes, like red or purple. You can backlight your headboard or underlight your bedframe to keep the light less direct, and use dimmer switches to gradually lower light and prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep.

4. Lead the Way

Getting up in the middle of the night can be tricky. Stubbing your toe or waking your partner by turning on a bright light isn’t a great solution. Mark the way to the door with LED strip lights around the doorframe or along the bottom of a wall. Adding 12-volt LED light strips to the inside of shelves or along hallways creates a gentle glow that might be just enough to guide you without disturbing anyone else in the house.

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