Rope Light Bulb Placement

Rope Lights are manufactured with either directional bulb placement or omnidirectional bulb placement. The differences and advantages of each type are outlined below.

What is the Difference between directional and omnidirectional Bulb Placement?

Omnidirectional Bulb Placement
With omni-directional bulb placement, the bulbs are run horizontally through the rope light, with each bulb facing the back of the bulb in front of it. Rope Lights with omnidirectional bulb placement may appear dimmer than rope lights featuring directional bulb placement because the light is diffused with greater uniformity throughout the entire rope.

Important Notes:

  • Uniform, omnidirectional light
  • Can appear dimmer than directionally placed bulbs

Directional Bulb Placement
With directional bulb placement, the bulbs are installed perpendicular to the length of the rope light. This bulb orientation provides the brightest possible light because bulbs can be aimed at the subject. The directional nature of this type of bulb placement creates a "bright" and a "dim" side of the rope light, so that the bulbs must be aimed in installation.

Important Notes:

  • Brighter than omnidirectional bulb placement
  • Rope Light will have a "bright" and a "dim" side, so the lights must be aimed

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