120v 3528 LED Strip Light Custom Cut

Custom cuts are made for you. Our strip lights have 19.5 inch cutting intervals, so we offer every available cut to our customers from 19.5 inches all the way up to 145.96 inches. These are perfect for every project, but sometimes it is cheaper to cut the lights yourself.

Cutting our lights is so easy, there are 19.5 inch cutting intervals and they are marked. Make sure, if you need to cut the lights again after you get them, to do so with a sharp object to get a clean cut, unclean cuts can damage the technology on the inside of the lights. These come with a pre-installed power cord and an end cap. You can purchase the accessories on the 120v LED Strip Light Accessories page.

How long do LED strip lights last?

Well actually most of our LED strip lights last around 50,000 hours. When taken care of and not left on 24/7 LED lights out last incandescent lights and use less energy overall. Upgrading your old incandescent lights to LED lights will also save you money every month.

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