String Light Bulbs

C9 LED Bulbs (25 Pack)

$49.99 $39.99

Available in Faceted or Smooth Frosted finishes. Use with our C9 Socket and Wire Sets.

C9 Christmas Light Twinkle Bulbs 7-Watt (25 Pack)


Random on/off produces "Twinkling" effect Use with our C9 Socket and Wire Sets. Multi-Color pack contains 5 bulbs each - Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red 130V bulbs use less energy and last longer! Note 130V bulbs have a slightly lower light output...

G30 LED Christmas Light Bulbs (25 Pack)


Don't be in the dark during the Christmas season! Retrofit and repurpose your existing C9 (E17 Intermediate Base) Christmas string lights that use inefficient and fragile incandescent bulbs with our LED G30 bulbs. You can depend on our commercial...

C7 Retrofit LED Falling Icicle Light Bulbs (3 pack)


If you are sick of the standard mini light icicles or want to add something new to your lighting display, these dripping icicle light bulbs are amazing! The set comes with three bulbs, each a different size: 8 inches, 10 inches, and 6 inches. The LEDs...

G20 LED Christmas Light Bulbs (25 Pack)


Get the value and professional quality when you upgrade to the highly versatile G20 LED bulbs. These small globes are virtually unbreakable, and colors never fade, chip or crack. Within each bulb are 3 professional grade LEDs that give superior...

LED C9 Chili Pepper Bulbs (3 Pack)


Make your space more festive with these Green or Red LED Chili Pepper Bulbs. These bulbs are made of a durable high impact plastic with an E17 nickel plated base and have 3 super bright LEDs per bulb. Whether you're planning a fiesta or just want to...

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