120v 5050 LED Strip Light Spools

These are our largest strip lights options. These are bigger brighter lights. 5050 Strip Lights diodes are 5.0 x 5.0 millimeters. They produce more light; however, they do not last as long as the smaller options. Everything else about these strip lights are the same as other 120 strip lights.

What is the best strip lighting?

Our 120 Volt LED strip lights are our recommended lights for commercial and residential projects. Depending on your priority the 3528 SMD Strip Lights are better for longevity but the 5050 SMD Strip Lights are better for a more intense brightness. The instructions to put them together and mount them are quick and simple. Hardwiring typically requires an electrician with experience; however, if you just want to add some accent lighting to your back porch this summer our LED strip lights are perfect.

How does a strip light work?

Strip lights have a clear tubing covering the actual printed circuit board are a strip of printed circuit board (PCB) with surface mounted diodes on it. The 120 volts of electricity communicates with each surface mounted diode (SMD) to light it up. Our 120 volt 5050 SMD strip lights have individual LEDs mounted every 0.44 inches with up to 10 lumens/LED output. They are one of our brightest option for linear lights. If you are looking for something brighter check out our 12 Volt Mini LED Neon Strip Lights.

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