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LED Corn Bulbs

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LED Corn Cob Retrofit Light Bulbs (E39/E40 Base)


Use LED retrofit bulbs (also known as LED corn cob bulbs because of their shape and texture) to replace existing high pressure sodiums, metal halides, halogens, and more. Easily convert street lights, area lighting, post top lights, or any E40/39 mogul...

If you are seeking a replacement for your outdoor lighting, then try out our LED Corn Bulbs and you will lower your energy consumption and save big on your utility bill! LED Corn Bulbs are a great replacement for metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps as they will produce the same amount of light of their HID equivalent while saving money on energy consumption. Our LED Corn Bulbs utilize an E39/40 base (they are interchangeable) making it versatile for your lighting needs.

With a lifetime of 40,000 hours and a 5 year limited warranty, you will have the comfort of knowing you have a quality light bulb. Many screw in sockets work with the LED Corn Bulb as long as it is the right size. You will just have to ensure your socket can hold an E40 bulb and matches the wattage necessary to power your bulb. Birddog offers different color temperatures to suit many different project needs. Contact our helpful staff today regarding any questions you may have about LEDs.