120v LED Neon Rope Light Accessories

Complete your LED neon rope lighting project to your satisfaction with our wide selection of LED neon rope light accessories. Our power cord kits allow you to create additional runs as needed for your project. You can also power your lights with one of our controllers while also having the ability to dim, fade, flash, change colors in your RGB neon lights, and much more! LED neon rope lights are becoming one of the most popular products on the market and Birddog Lighting has accessories to match our premium Brilliant Brand LED neon rope lights. We have many ways to connect your lights together with female to female connectors, power connector pins, and Y-connectors to split a run in two directions. We also have many options for mounting your lights with our premium clips and track, both available in aluminum or PVC plastic.

Now featuring our newest controllers and power sources for our one of a kind 24 volt LED RGB Neon Dream Color lights! With over 300 settings on our LED-X controller, you will have full control of the newest product on the market. We have outdoor and indoor power sources to get you started. Browse our LED neon rope light accessories and make your project installation meet your expectations today!