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Bistro & Patio Lights

Perimeter Lighting Products

47 Foot LED Hanging Mount Bistro Light Set


Our LED bistro lights are party-approved, so you can cast a subtle glow and set the mood for year-round entertaining. The retro filament LED bulbs illuminate your gazebo, canopy or outdoor patio area. Energy efficient LED bulbs dramatically reduce energy...

Perimeter Lighting Products

50 Foot Hanging Mount Bistro Light Set


Hanging mount bistro lights are excellent and popular choice for outdoor patio lighting hence the reason why businesses and homeowners alike choose this type lighting for indoor or outdoor projects. Bistro lights make a great addition to any outdoor...


Clear S14 11 Watt Safety Coated Bulbs (20 pack)


Perfect for use in patio or bistro lights, these S14 light bulbs are safety coated so that in the event the glass globe of the bulb is compromised, shattered or broken, the glass fragments are less likely to spread and are instead contained within their...


Warm White S14 0.8 Watt LED Bulb


Combine classic style with modern reliability and energy savings with S14 LED Light Bulbs. LED Light Bulbs are made with a unique light dispersing cone and use a durable clear impact resistant plastic globe to deliver an elegant and classic look and feel...