120v 3528 LED Strip Light Spools

One of the least expensive ways to get a lot of LED strip light is to purchase a spool of 148 feet or a spool of 65 feet. The 120v 3528 Strip Lights are our smaller option, the dimensions of the diodes on the lights are 3.5 x 2.8 millimeters. This smaller option means that they last longer, these lights may not be as bright as the 5050 Strip Lights however they might save you money. We offer our colors in a bulk option and sometimes when you get into the larger lengths of custom cuts, purchasing our spools is actually cheaper! And you get to have left over lights in case weather or something damaged your lights outside our warranty window.

Birddog Lighting sells high quality strip lights direct from the factory. And what exactly are strip lights? Strip lights are a strip of printed circuit board (PCB) with surface mounted diodes on it. The 120 volts of electricity communicates with each surface mounted diode (SMD) to light it up.

A full spool of our LED strip lights comes with a power cord attached on one end and an end cap installed on it. Without weatherproofing the strip lights are rated at IP44. We do offer weatherproofing, checkout our accessories page for more information!

Can strip lights start a fire?

Yes. Our strip lights have 120 volts of electricity running through the small PVC tube. If left on too long there is a risk of fire, the lights burning out or lighting malfunction. Also, if you plug the lights in on the spools the heat of the lights will melt the tubing and destroy the lights. Under no circumstances should you plug the lights on if they are still on the spool. Our site shows lit up lights on the spool with designing tools such as photoshop.

What is the best strip lighting?

Our 120 Volt LED strip lights are our recommended lights for commercial and residential projects. The instructions to put them together and mount them are quick and simple. Hardwiring typically requires an electrician with experience; however, if you just want to add some accent lighting to your back porch this summer our LED strip lights are perfect.

What is an IP rating?

IP stands for ingress protection rating. It rates the lights on how much water exposure is okay before the lights are damaged. All our strip lights come with an IP rating of 44 which means that the lights should not be exposed to any more than splashing water from all directions and are not protected against an object smaller than one millimeter, such as dust. In layman’s terms, do not mount these lights outdoors without weatherproofing the connections because continued exposure to the elements, such as rain, will damage the lights.

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