Mardi Gras Lights

Mardi Gras LED Rope Lights

Purple, green, and yellow themes help ring in the holiday perfectly! Symbolizing justice, faith, and power respectively, there is no better way to showcase the colors than with LED Rope Light. Perfect for use on floats, décor for a party, or to line your eves & windows. Our rope light can be used indoors or out to provide you with endless possibilities to decorate this year!

Mardi Gras Rope Light Motifs

There is no better way to show your festive spirit this Mardi Gras than with our LED Rope Light motifs. Make decorating a breeze with Fleur De Lis or Jester silhouettes that come ready to hang and can be used indoors or out. These hanging displays will take your party, parade, home, or business to the next level this year!

Mardi Gras String Lights

String lights are easy to use and provide great ambient party lighting. From chili pepper novelty lights to Mardi Gras mini lights, it has never been easier to replicate the atmosphere of Bourbon Street in your own home or business. Wrap your porch, line your windows, decorate your parade float, or add them to your restaurant to showcase your Mardi Gras pride!