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120 Volt LED RGB Neon Rope Lights

Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB Color Changing SMD LED Neon Rope Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet


Brilliant Brand RGB SMD LED color changing neon rope lights are the ultimate solution to all of your lighting needs and you will be amazed of the versatility and lustrous capability they offer! With 6 preset colors, you can use these lights in any...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB Color Changing SMD LED Neon Rope Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Get a custom cut of the brand new Brilliant Brand SMD LED RGB neon rope lights today and you will enjoy the best color on the market! RGB SMD LED neon rope lights offer 6 preset colors and you can create your own color combinations to adapt your lights...

Brilliant Brand RGB LED Neon Rope Lights is an innovative and top selling product that will work for almost any project you can imagine. This unique LED Color Changing Neon Rope Light utilizes SMD chips to create an amazing array of colors that you can choose from by using our standard Neon RGB mini controller or have full control with our outdoor LED Neon RGB rope light multi-function controller. The multi-function controller gives you the ability to wirelessly change colors or select from patters such as flashing, fading and much more.

RGB LED neon rope lighting has a round top with a square bottom and is made from high quality, flexible PVC. Lengths can be customized with cutting intervals every 19.5 inches up to 200 feet on a single run.