120v 3528 LED Strip Light Accessories

How will you actually mount your new strip lights? We have two options for mounting 120-volt LED strip lights. The deciding factor for what type of mounting materials you need is all preference and sometimes depending on the project.

  1. Mounting track: we have 24-inch pieces of mounting track that come in 10 packs. That is 20 feet of mounting track for $19.99 we have two different sizes so make sure that you grab the correct size track for the lights you purchase. One is 3528 and the other is 5050; these numbers refer to the size of the actual diode in the lights.
  2. Clips: We have clips for our 120 volt SMD - 3528 strip lights. They come with screws to install them, they are a fairly hard plastic and come in a pack of 50.
  3. Our weatherproofing kits are only $2.99, they are easy to install (instructions on product page), and they are necessary if you want to install your lights outside.

Why is it important to weatherproof lights?

Like most technology when LED lights are exposed to water, they can be damaged. Rust and electricity problems are possible, and neither are fun to deal with. Thankfully, our weatherproofing kits are easy to use and not expensive. These should be installed on every connection point (ie splices, power connections and end caps).

If you have questions about any of our accessories our online chat team is available Mountain Standard Time Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. We have quite a few different options not discussed here and it is always better to be over prepared for your project rather than under prepared.

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