LED T8 Tube Lights - U Bend

2 Foot U-Bend LED T8 Tube Light – Ballast Bypass


U-Bend LED bulbs are used in ceiling fixtures where a lot of light is needed. This bulb will give out 2,000 lumens with a high CRI makes colors appear brighter, objects appear closer to their true color. The cool white and natural white colors are...

2 Foot U-Bend LED T8 Tube Light - Plug & Play

$19.99 $17.99

When space is at a premium and you can't install 4 or 8 foot T8 bulbs but still require the same light output that's where U-Bend LED T8 lights will come in handy. With a leg spacing of 6, these U shaped LED lamps can fit the same amount of light into...

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