Color Temperature Scale

Color temperature can be used to gauge the hue of white that a light source produces. It is measured in degrees Kelvin (K) and can be used to determine the warmth (yellowish hue) or coolness (bluish hue) of a white light.

In many public areas, a warmer white is chosen to promote relaxation, where a cooler white may be chosen in buildings where concentration is important, such as offices.

Below is a scale that will graphically display the range of the color temperature scale.

Color Temperature Scale - Kelvin

Some common colors associated with the color temperature scale are:

Candlelight: 1500K
Incandescent Bulb: 3000K
Warm White: 2900-3200K
Pure White: 4100-4300K
Natural White: 4200-4500K
Daylight White: 5000-5500K
Cool White: 5500-6000K