120 Volt LED FCOB Strip Lights

Brighten your haven with the Brilliant Brand 120-volt Flip Chip on Board (FCOB) Strip Light Spools. This product was designed to bring a flawless glow to any backdrop. The innovation behind the technology allows for nearly perfect lines and a consistent glow throughout. By virtually eliminating the hot spots experienced with traditional strip lights, this product removes the need to hide the dots with diffusers, or by installing the lights under or behind trim. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, these 148-foot spools offer versatility, efficiency, flexibility, and ease of installation in lighting.

120 Volt LED FCOB Strip Lighting Versatility

Brighten your space with Brilliant Brand’s 120-volt FCOB Strip Light, the apex of lighting innovation. Adaptable for various settings, including accent, task, or decorative lighting. This versatile strip light is the perfect fusion of modern technology and exceptional brightness, making it an ideal choice for any indoor or outdoor application. The inherent versatility allows you to accentuate any area with light. The opportunities to enhance your space are endless. Simply adding the unified light offered by the advancement of technology found in FCOB enables numerous ideas to come to life. Splashes of light throughout your home or business can add dimension and interest. Highlight artistic architectural features, showcase your products by highlighting details that would otherwise go unnoticed, or create a sense of warmth and coziness in basement rooms that feel cavernous and cold.

  • Accent: Flaunt the structural artistic flair of your dazzling entry with subtle hints of lighting that draw the eye to the features of your home that set it apart from all the others.
  • Task: Reduce the fatigue you feel after a long day of working on your trade by providing the area with direct lighting to facilitate ease of completion of each special project.
  • Decorative: Let your creative juices flow, your imagination is your only limitation. Create words, images, shapes, etc. The sky is the limit for what you can do.

Energy Efficiency of 120 Volt LED FCOB Strip Lights

LED lights are known to consume significantly less power than traditional incandescent lights, ultimately saving on energy costs. Not only do the savings come in the form of reduced energy usage. You’ll also realize the opportunity to more precisely light specific areas with smaller amounts of light also lightening the load on your pocketbook. The product itself is durable and long lasting as well, eliminating the need for ongoing replacement. Brilliant Brand Lighting’s 120-volt FCOB Strip Lights are an affordable solution that can be cut to fit almost any area. Our spools’ 148-foot length enables you to light long stretches in one uninterrupted line, or light multiple areas with the convenient array of accessories available to allow you to customize the length you need. Or set the mood and lessen the energy needs further by dimming the lights with one of our compatible dimmers, to match any specific lighting need.

120 Volt LED FCOB Strip Lights Offer Superior Flexibility

Imagine the design of your dreams. What does it look like? Is it highlighting your favorite painting, creating a holiday message that can be seen from a far, or outlining your store front windows to maximize your displays’ exposure into the night. These lights enable the user to make nearly anything they imagine possible. The flexibility of the strips allows for rounded bends to write messages or shapes for nearly any occasion. Or for more precision, our accessories enable you to navigate sharp corners without compromising the linear display of smooth, bright, clean lighting (think store front window displays with seamless luminance around the clock). Brilliant Brand’s 120-volt FCOB Strip Light provides a bright light output and can be flexibly shaped to fit your project needs. The cut increments are project friendly at a frequent 9.75 inches. Just cut at the marks and simply connect the power cord and end cap to ensure its safety. If you choose to take advantage of using the lights outdoors, that is easily done with the small addition of one of our weather-proofing kits to ensure safety and function of the lights for years to come.

Easy Installation With 120 Volt LED FCOB Strip Light

Brilliant Brand’s 120-volt FCOB Strip Light comes with a standard power cord and end cap for straightforward setup. Take a moment to review our instructions on how to make your lighting aspirations come true. You can take advantage of the multitude of accessories available to achieve your desired look. Are you unsure of what you need to complete your project? Give our team a call and we’ll help you think through the design, all the accessories needed to achieve it, and give you the confidence you need to tackle this all on your own. Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you can stand back, look at your creation, and experience the satisfaction of knowing that you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

Whether you’re lighting up a storefront, creating a sign, or celebrating the holidays, the Brilliant Brand 120-volt FCOB Strip Lights are an excellent choice for reliable and striking luminance. Experience the blend of classic aesthetics and modern LED technology with these high-quality strip lights.

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