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LED T8 Tube Lights - 4 Foot

Brilliant Brand Lighting

4 Foot 15 Watt Hybrid LED T8 Red and Blue Grow Lights


If you are looking for an energy efficient and easy to use growing solution, then our 15 watt hybrid LED T8 Grow Lights are just for you! Brilliant Brand T8 Grow Lights are manufactured with specific spectra to achieve peak absorption ranges and to set...

No Label

4 Foot 16 Watt Hybrid LED T8 Tube Light - DLC & UL

$27.99 $6.99

Hybrid LED T8 tube lights are the smart alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes and other average life T8 LED replacement bulbs. A dramatically longer lifespan (94,000 hours) combined with a brighter light distribution delivers a superior product...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

4 Foot 18 Watt DLC LED T8 Tube Light - Plug & Play

$14.99 $7.99

Upgrade to the energy savings of LED technology with our new LED T8 Tube Lights. The easiest way to replace a linear fluorescent T8 light bulb with an LED solution. Our plug and play bulb allows you to use your existing electronic ballast in your system...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

4 Foot 18 Watt Economy LED T8 Tube Light - Bypass Only

$9.99 $6.99

Retrofit your existing fluorescent T8 tube fixtures to LED in a matter of minutes with the ballast bypass design. Designed to replace T8 fluorescents, LED T8 replacement tubes are extremely energy efficient and are rated for an average lifetime of 50,000...

No Label

4 Foot 18 Watt Hybrid LED T8 Tube Light - DLC & UL

$14.99 $9.99

The Hybrid LED T8 Tube Light is the perfect alternative when replacing your average life fluorescent bulbs. With a life time rating of 50,000+ hours, you will enjoy the clean lighting of LED T8 tube lights. Hybrid T8s are capable of bypass installation...