120v LED Rope Light Spools

Choose Constant Color LED Rope Light Bulk Spools & Save

Take advantage of price savings by purchasing our premium 120 volt LED rope lights wound on bulk spools of 148 feet, small spools of 65 feet, or our convenient smaller retail packs designed for quick and easy holiday decoration. We provide a complete LED rope lighting package that comes with the cord attached and is ready to be plugged in to any standard wall outlet. Choose the size that works best for your lighting project, big or small.

120 Volt LED Rope Light Sizes

Our LED rope lights are available in a variety of different bulk spools and also in custom cut lengths or your convenience and to fit your budget.

148’ Spools – Best value

To get the most value for your dollar choose our large bulk spools of LED Rope Lights. Customize your length by cutting at the marked intervals. For additional power cords and other accessories please visit our LED Rope Light Accessories section.

65’ Spools – Great for smaller projects

If you’re looking for value, but 148’ is more lighting than you need, choose our 65’ mini spools that are available in our most popular colors: Warm White & Cool White. For smaller projects please visit our LED Rope Light Custom Length Section where we tailor-make rope lighting to your specifications (using the fixed cutting intervals).

33’/36’ Decorator Packs – Premium styles

These rope lights feature specialty styles and colors that are intended for seasonal decorating on a budget. Whether you want to decorate your dorm room with spooky orange or purple rope lights (with black PVC), wrap your railings at Christmas with Candy Cane rope lights, or celebrate Mardi Gras with our exclusive green/purple/yellow rope lights, we have you covered with our plug n play decorator packs.

What are LED rope lights?

Rope lighting has been around for decades, but people are discovering the amazing benefits of this versatile lighting for the first time every day. The first rope lights were made using tiny incandescent light bulbs connected in a long continuous strand. This string of lighting was then encased in a flexible, watertight, protective coating of PVC. Because the PVC is transparent it protects the lights while allowing the lighting to pass through. The PVC is solid enough to keep the bulbs fixed in place at the perfect spacing intervals, but flexible enough to be manipulated in any direction. PVC provides the perfect medium for folding, contorting, and wrapping your lights around objects or buildings. Mounting is easy using rope light track or mounting clips. Combine that with the ability to cut your rope lighting at fixed intervals and you almost have the perfect custom lighting product. How can they get any better?

Enter LEDs. After LEDs became affordable, they were introduced to the linear lighting world and specifically to rope lights. LEDs took an already great product and made it truly amazing. With the benefits that LEDS brought to the table, rope lighting was now capable of lasting longer, surviving higher impact and more abuse, and operating cooler, all while using nearly 70% less energy than an incandescent rope light.

If you have never experienced the advantages of working with LED rope lights, then let us help you discover why LED rope lights put the fun in functional.

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