24 Volt LED RGB Neon 360 Rope Lights

Efficient, affordable, and flexible neon readily available for any application

Introducing Brilliant Brand Lighting’s 16.4 FT 24-Volt 360-Degree LED neon rope light sold exclusively by Birddog Lighting. This novel, flexible 360-degree LED neon rope light transforms game rooms, living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, office spaces, and storefronts into brilliant havens.

You deserve to enjoy all the beautiful lighting benefits of neon in an energy efficient, affordable, and flexible format. This remarkable lighting solution offers 360-degree color, enabling a wide range of applications. With this innovative apparatus, users can enjoy a lighting experience unlike any other. We are all acquainted with the beauty and consistency of neon. True neon is extremely expensive and an inefficient use of energy. AND it’s glass so your ability to bend and form the product is only available from the manufacturer. Once it’s made you are committed to the shape and design for the life of the light. The Brilliant Brand Lighting 360-degree LED neon rope light shares an unprecedented full beam angle, allowing for true even and consistent illumination in all directions. Our RGB 360-degree LED neon rope light is capable of a plethora of colors and effects with the use of a simple, user friendly controller with remote (sold separately).

New 360 Neon Rope Lights

How does 360-degree LED neon rope light work?

This product is completely different from traditional glass neon but creates a very similar effect. LED neon is tiny light emitting diodes placed on a strip and encapsulated in a silicone sleeve to emulate the beauty of neon. The silicone sleeve functions to smooth the lighting and mute the sharpness of each individual diode, giving smooth illumination throughout the length of the light. Does this product sound efficient, safe, flexible, and simple? That’s because it is!

How does traditional neon work?

Traditional neon is made from glass tubes filled with gas that is charged with electrical current to create a glow. The glow of the gas is what creates the smooth consistent color and illumination throughout the tube. Different types of gas create different colors when charged with electricity, supporting the opportunity to have different colors of glass neon. The amount of charge needed to create the desired effect can be significant. Thereby potentially very inefficient and expensive to run. They are also extremely fragile. This puts the investment at risk of damage from hail, wind, wayward baseballs, you name it. Glass neon is also maintenance heavy; often requiring a professional which can add to the cost of ownership over time. Does this product sound inefficient, dangerous, inflexible, and complicated? That’s because it is!

Traditional Glass Neon Signage

Why choose 360-degree neon rope light over traditional gas filled glass neon?

It's Efficient

Reduce your carbon footprint and lighten the load on your wallet. Brilliant Brand Lighting’s 360-degree LED neon rope lights outshine traditional neon in energy efficiency and longevity. This lighting revelation consumes minimal energy due to the proven efficiency of LED technology. Our 360-degree LED neon rope light provides superior, comprehensive illumination with their full beam angle while minimizing your electricity bills. 360-degree LED neon rope light’s extended lifespan compared to traditional neon lights, makes them a cost-effective long-term solution. To reinforce their minimal environmental impact, 360-degree LED neon light’s components are recyclable, minimizing the impact on the ever-growing e-waste problem.

Undoubtedly, traditional glass neon lights offer a timeless appeal. However, they are less energy efficient. The gas-filled tubes require more power to produce the same level of brightness as LEDs. In addition, the brief lifespan of traditional neon creates additional expense of replacement and produces unnecessary waste. The waste produced is also toxic. Mercury filled tubes pose significant environmental risks and are extremely costly and complex to dispose of properly.

It's Safe

Birddog Lighting recognizes that safety is paramount for decorative lighting. Our 360-degree LED neon rope lights generate minimal heat, making them safe to touch even during extended use. Say goodbye to accidental burns to skin and surrounding materials, or even the potential for devastating fires. Conversely, traditional neon lights emit high heat, due to the gas filled tubes. This creates the potential danger associated with unwelcome heat generation to include injury and property damage.

It's Flexible

These lights create a wide range of vibrant colors, with our extraordinary RGB option. Allowing for limitless creative and unique lighting opportunities with dynamic effects, and a wide variety of colors at your fingertips. The inherent customizability allows you to adapt your color and animations to create your own personal lighting vision come true. The flexible PVC tubing permits creative installations, including curves and intricate designs. Glass gas filled neon lights offer a range of beloved classic hues. However, their color options are limited and constant. This makes the ability to customize colors or achieve complex animations challenging at best.

For brightness and visibility, 360-degree LED neon rope light achieves the result. Their full beam angle, direct light emission ensures consistent brightness. Whether indoors or outdoors, 360-degree LED neon rope lights shine brightly, catching attention effortlessly. The unique full-beam angle illumination permits the creation of displays that are visible to people indoors and out, allowing your guests to enjoy the beauty just as passers-by would. Glass neon’s brightness can vary due to factors like tube thickness and gas pressure. Achieving uniform brightness across a display can be tricky.

It's Simple

Brilliant Brand Lighting’s 360-degree LED neon rope light applications are nearly limitless. It is used for accent and decorative lighting, artistic displays, and accentuating your unique architectural features. It excels in creating eye-catching visual effects that can be customized to specific events or situations allowing for a slew of adaptations at your fingertips. Never settle for stagnant when you can experience the utmost in versatility. Glass neon lights evoke nostalgia and elegance. However, their applications are severely limited compared to versatile 360-degree LED neon rope lights.

The best choice for whatever your needs may be

360-degree LED neon rope lights combine aesthetics, efficiency, safety, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re illuminating a storefront, accentuating a room, or adding flair to an event, 360-degree LED neon rope lights outshine their glass counterparts in many ways. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up your lighting game and be THE pioneer of the second-generation age of neon.

360 Neon Rope Light Bar Application
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