LED Curtain Lights

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10 Foot Cool White LED Wall Curtain Lights


Need to decorate a wall for a reception or party? Our LED Wall Curtain Lights are your perfect choice! Each set comes with 20 removable 5 foot drops so you can customize the look and layout of each curtain light set – see the additional pictures for...

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16.5 Foot Clear Incandescent Commercial Wall Light Curtain


Bring a dash of glitz and glam and create a festive atmosphere for a special event, by livening up your party space with our incandescent commercial wall light curtains. Their commercial grade, heavy-duty construction and sealed screw on connectors are...

No Label

5 Foot Cool White LED Wall Curtain Light Replacement Drop

$6.99 $4.49

For use with LED Wall Curtain Light sets. Use to replace non working light drops for your LED Wall Curtain sets. Each replacement drop measures 5 feet. NOTE we do not recommend adding additional light drops to complete wall curtain sets.

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6 Foot LED Wall Curtain Light Extension Cord


For use with LED Wall Curtain Light sets and power cords. Use to create an unlit gap between two or more LED Wall Curtains or to extend the length of the power cord to reach a power source that is farther away. Each extension measures 6 feet long.

The LED Curtain Wall Lights are a perfect lighting decoration for a reception or a party! Each set you purchase comes with 20 removable drops that are 5 feet in length each. You can connect up to 10 sets together to create up to a 100 foot run. This gives you the capability to fully customize your wall lights to fit your needs! Birddog Lighting also sells all the accessories that you will need to complete your LED Curtain Wall Lights. Our LED Curtain Wall Lights are compatible for both indoor and outdoor use, utilizing heavy-duty rubber wire with weather proof LEDs and connections. Try our plug-in curtain string lights today and you won’t be disappointed with the spark the LEDs add to your next party!