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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights Are Easy To Use

Indoor and outdoor SMD/LED strip lighting has quickly become an extremely popular linear lighting solution because of their high brightness, flexibility, small size, and ability to be cut and customized with easy-to-use accessories. LED Strip Lights are available in both single-chip SMD 3528 and tri-chip SMD 5050 options. SMD 3528 LEDs are an excellent option for most lighting projects, while SMD 5050 LEDs produce the brightest light available in linear lighting technology. With an IP65 (120v) and IP67 (12v) waterproof rating, LED Strip Lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Installation of outdoor LED tape lights is easy using customizable track, mounting clips, or double sided tape.

LED Strip Lights Installed

LED Strip Lighting is available in both 12v and 120v options and each has their advantages in certain projects. With 120v LED light strips you can easily create large scale projects because of their long maximum run of 164’, while 12v LED Strip Lights remain the best choice for 12v outdoor led strip lighting applications such as for boats, RVs, under cabinets, and landscape lighting. Both 12v and 120v styles are available with either SMD 3528 LEDs or SMD 5050 LEDs, and can be cut to length in marked intervals. Browse through our spools and accessories below to get your outdoor LED tape lights to start your project today!

What are LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights feature surface mounted diodes (SMDs) which produce the brightest light offered by current LED technology. The chips, or SMDs, are attached directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to maximize durability and longevity. LED Strip Lights feature either SMD 3528 or SMD 5050 chips and can be cut in consistent intervals.

Is 120v or 12v LED Strip Light the right choice for my project?

12v LED Strip Lights made a splash in the accent lighting world because of their high brightness, flexibility, and durability. What they lacked was the ability to run in a series of more than 16.5ft. With new 120v LED Strip Lights the maximum run is 164’ and they can still offer the same brightness found in our 12v option.

SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 - What’s the difference?

SMD 3528 LEDs are capable of producing brilliant accents in your home or business, but when maximum lumens are needed SMD 5050 LEDs offer the brightest solution.