120v LED Neon Rope Light Custom Cut

Can you cut LED Neon Rope Lights?

Cutting lights can be done only if there are cutting intervals. Our lights have been manufactured with 19.5 inch cutting intervals and we have each length available as a custom length for you. If you only need 5 feet of lights don’t buy an entire 65-foot or 148-foot spool just select the customized length that is closest to what you are looking for and we will do all the cutting and even attach a power cord to the end of the light, so it is ready for you to plug in when you go to install it.

The reason custom cuts are limited to the options on the website are because the lights were manufactured to allow a new connection every 19.5 inches. If you cut the lights outside of the custom cuts you will damage the lights.

One nice thing about our custom cuts is that we ship them for free! You don’t need to pay shipping for these items however they are not returnable. Our best recommendation is to get a small 19.5-inch custom cut sample to touch and feel before you buy a large amount of LED lights from us. That is the best way to make sure the lights fit your needs before making a larger investment. We also ship out within 1 business day of purchase and our shipping is normally very fast. All that is left to do is pick your color and get your lights on the way so you can enjoy them! If you do have questions, please try our live chat or check out our FAQ page.

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