LED MR16 Bulbs

Replace your old halogen Multifaceted Reflector bulbs with MR16 LED bulbs from Birddog Lighting. Our MR16 LED bulbs are energy-efficient and produce a bright light that's perfect for a variety of applications. Typically, MR bulbs have been halogen bulbs that have been used for less practical purposes such as in slide projectors. Over time as halogen bulbs have become inefficient compared to other lighting products on the market, LED MR bulbs have slowly taken their place. Switch to LED MR16 bulbs to save money on energy costs and to reduce maintenance demands. LED MR16 bulbs last longer than their halogen counterparts and are just as bright. MR16 LED bulbs have seen their popularity increase in recent years because they're versatile, affordable and long lasting. Use the bulbs in track lighting, recessed lighting, landscape lighting and more. They are also great for applications that provide direct light to a single area, such as in a museum where they can be used to draw attention to works of art.

The most recent advances in LED technology have made replacing halogen bulbs nearly effortless and without compromising the light quality that made them popular in the past. Our MR16 LED bulbs can be purchased with either a GX5.3 or GU10 base, so they fit perfectly into your old halogen fixtures. They are sold in widths of two inches and have a lifetime of 35,000 hours. Some LED MR16 bulbs are even dimmable, making them ideal for indoor residential applications. Replacing your halogen bulbs with MR16 LED bulbs is the way to go. Not only do they cost less to operate, they also don’t require a cooling system since they don't get hot. Try out MR16 LED bulbs and today and we're confident that you will never go back to using traditional halogen multifaceted reflector bulbs again.

Shop at Birddog Lighting for the best selection of LED MR16 bulbs for your needs. We carry several sizes of bulbs to choose from with common base types to make installation a breeze. Our long-lasting LED bulbs are great for residential use, but can also be installed in commercial fixtures. Order today to take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping.

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