Christmas Rope Light Motifs

11 Foot Multi-Color LED Rope Light Christmas Santa Train Motif


Your holidays will chug along with our Christmas LED Santa Train! This three panel display will add a fun touch to your Christmas lights. Built so they can work outdoors, the Santa Train will light up your yard and impress your neighbors! Includes 3...

16 Foot Cool White and Blue LED Rope Light Snowflake Banner Motif

$659.99 $499.99

Let it snow with our Cool White and Blue Brilliant Brand LED Snowflake Banner this Christmas! This motif has six snowflakes with a blue streak across the backside of them to create a beautiful light scene. Compatible both indoors and outdoors. Features:...

8 Foot Red and Green LED Rope Light Merry Christmas Holly Motif


Our 8 feet by 4 feet LED Merry Christmas motif is a great way to brighten up your holiday season! Using our motifs are as easy as mounting the lights and plugging them into a 110/120 volt power source. The LED Merry Christmas motif is perfect for...

6 Foot Animated Multi-Color LED Rope Light Waving Santa Motif


6 foot LED Animated Waving Santa is the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations this year! This jolly Saint Nicholas decoration makes a waving motion that is created by alternating 3 lighted hand positions. Mount with a pole or vertical support...

9 Foot Multi-Color LED Rope Light Nutcracker with Drum Motif


Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas decorations? Then buy our 9 foot LED Nutcracker today! You are sure to get into the holiday spirit! All mounting hardware is included so you just have to set him up and plug your motif into a...

9 Foot Multi-Color LED Rope Light Bell and Ribbon Motif


The Brilliant Brand LED Bell Lighted Motif can be a great addition to your Christmas light collection! This giant frame will light up your landscape or home with a brilliant red, white, and warm white color. This motif is durable and can be used both...

4 Foot Multi-Color LED Rope Light Nativity Manger Scene Motif


Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with our beautiful LED Nativity Manger Scene. Our Nativity Scene is a classic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Mount your motif and plug it into a 110/120 volt power outlet to use your motif...

4 Foot Purple and Gold LED Rope Light Extra Reindeer Team Motif


Show off your Christmas spirit today with our LED Extra Reindeer Team! Santa’s sled team is a great addition to your Christmas decorations. Christmas motifs can be used both indoors and outdoors and work with any 110/120 volt power outlet. Features: ...

9 Foot Multi-Color LED Rope Light Christmas Tree Motif


Light up your Christmas display with our Brilliant Brand LED Christmas Tree Lighted Motif! This painted steel frame contains green, white, and warm white LED rope lights to create a beautiful lighted scene. Our Christmas Tree motif is constructed so it...

4 Foot Warm White Blue and Red LED Rope Light Rudolph Motif


Let our LED Rudolph motif guide your Christmas Eve this year! This bright LED motif is sure to bring joy to your friends, family, and neighbors. You can use our Christmas motifs both indoors and outdoors as they are built to withstand the elements...

6 Foot White Rope Light Standing Angel Motif


Light up your landscapes or your living room with our beautiful high quality rope light silhouettes. Features: 3 feet Wide x 6 feet High 25,000 hour bulbs Indoor/Outdoor 2 frames 110/120 Volt 160 Watts, 1.3 Amps

Christmas Rope Light Motifs

The Christmas Holiday season gives us the opportunity to celebrate life, love, and family. One of the best ways to represent how much the Holiday means to us is to decorate our home, office, or church using Brilliant Brand LED Christmas Motif Lights. Our LED motifs, also known as silhouettes, vary from warm familiar phrasing such as “Happy Holidays”, to images of Christmas Trees and Santa Clause himself! Create a stunning lighted winter wonderland display with these versatile, durable lighting decorations. Purchase your LED Christmas decorations today!

Always be sure and read the overview and specifications below the picture of the item that you are interested in to make sure that the dimensions and type of motif are exactly what you want. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us regarding custom made-to-suit motifs. You want it? We can build it.

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