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LED RGB Rope Light Accessories

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Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our weatherproofing kits for 12 Volt Strip Light, 120 Volt Rope Light/Strip Light/Neon Strip...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

Rope Light / Strip Light Blackout Tubing - 1/2" Light Blocking Sleeve


Customize your rope light project. Use this split corrugated blackout tubing to hide specific sections of rope lights or strip lights. Great for accommodating specific runs that do not fall on a cutting interval. If your lighting hangs over 6", then...

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LED Rope Light Power Connectors (5-pack)


Power connectors (5-pack) for use with LED Rope Lights. Available for standard 1/2 inch LED rope light and RGB SMD LED rope lights. Note: Actual color may vary from picture shown.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Female to Female Extension For RGB LED Rope Light

$9.99 $2.99

You can use F-F extensions with our RGB LED rope light for creating non-lit space in the middle of your runs. Use of sealant is suggested on 4-wire connections. Available in lengths of 6 Inches, 2 feet, or 5 feet.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Mounting Clips For RGB LED Rope Light (50 pack)

$14.99 $7.99

Use these mounting clips with our RGB LED rope light to mount your RGB rope light to wood or any other surface you can screw in to. Package inlcudes 50 mounting clips. Recommended screw size: #2, #3, #4, or M3 (not included)

No Label

Rope and Strip Light Cutter


Make Perfect Cuts Every Time! - Our aluminium anvil rope light cutter features: aluminum handles and coated blade resist rust, extending the life of this tool. This rope light cutter has a single straight cutting blade to close down on the flat edge or...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

RGB LED Rope Light Male to Male Connector


All new and exclusive to Birddog Distributing - our male-to-male RGB rope light connector is the perfect solution for adapting accessories for your RGB rope light project. This connector allows you to connect two RGB rope light accessories together;...

No Label

Lighting Storage Spools

$6.99 $4.99

Rope and strip light spools are the perfect storage solution for all your non-permanent rope, strip, or holiday lighting projects. Use these spools to safely store custom cut rope and strip light lengths or use as an easy and convenient way to store your...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

LED Y For RGB LED Rope Light


For use with our RGB LED rope light to split a single run of lights into 2 separate runs. Use of sealant is suggested on 4-wire connections.

Perimeter Lighting Products

2 Outlet Rain Tight Timer With Dusk To Dawn Sensor- Black - 120 Volt


Save time, energy, and unnecessary wear and tear on your lights by using an inside/outside light timer. Choose from 4 timed settings or use the dusk to dawn option to automatically turn your lights on in the morning and off at night. Raintight outdoor...


Cable Zip Ties (100 pack)


These Self-Locking Cable zip ties can be used for a wide range of applications including rope lighting. Available in both 4 inch and 8 inch lengths and six dofferent colors. 4 inch available colors: Clear, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow 8 inch available...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

6 Foot LED Power Cord Kit For RGB LED Rope Light


LED rope light power cord kit complete with power cord, power connector, inline rectifier, and end cap. Use of sealant is suggested on 4-wire connections. For use with our RGB led rope lights.

Brilliant Brand Lighting

6-Function RGB LED Rope Light Mini Inline Controller - 120 Volt


Pair this RGB LED color changing mini inline controller with our RGB Color Changing LED Rope Light for an economical way to create stunning multiple different color changing effects. Simple to connect and easy to use. The single push button on the RGB...

Browse our selection of RGB rope light accessories to customize your lighting project just the way you want. Find mounting track and clips to aid in installation, use power cords and connectors to run multiple lengths, or select an RGB controller to complete the color changing effect that will elevate your LED RGB rope lights to the next level.