120v LED Neon Rope Light Spools

Are you looking for a traditional neon glass sign? There are still traditional neon signs out there and they look so classic and bright, but did you know that you can get the same look with our LED neon lights? This technology uses PCB (printed circuit board), and it has a diffused cover over the strip of lights to look like traditional neon.

These lights actually use up to 80% less energy to power and they don’t have neon gas running through them. The light comes from surface mounted diodes that are not visible through the cover. They are flexible so you can truly customize your sign or project.

Our options for colors are great, we have eight vibrant colors available for the single-color neon lights. They are able to be cut every 19.5 inches and have a nice, rounded top to mimic traditional neon. Regardless, if you just want a subtle white or a pop of orange these lights will be perfect for your project.

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