Rope Light Calculator

It is rare that your project will require exactly the amount of rope light that comes on a spool without any cuts or breaks. Typically projects have more customized needs than that. The interesting challenge that rope lights present is that they come wired in predetermined sections which are referred to as cutting intervals. These intervals vary slightly from product to product, and even sometimes from color to color. This can make it confusing to determine the length of rope light that you will need for your project needs.

The Rope Light Calculator exists to help clear up any confusion. Start by entering the length of rope light that you would ideally like to have, then enter the cutting interval for the product and color that you are looking at. The calculator will automatically figure out what the closest length to your desired amount based on the predetermined cutting intervals.

Make sure to check the cutting interval on the exact product and color that you are looking to purchase as they do vary.

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