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Rigid LED Light Bars

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12 Volt Rigid LED Light Bar Power Connector


LED light bar wiring harness for use with Brilliant 12 volt Rigid LED Light Bars. Available in Male or Female for standard SMD-3528/5050 single color led light bars or RGB SMD-5050 color changing led light bars. Standard Power Connector - Female Use...

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Brilliant 12 Volt Rigid LED Light Bar - SMD-5050

$34.99 $27.99

Brilliant™ SMD-5050 12V Rigid LED Light bars feature 30 high-intensity LEDs and produce a brighter light compared to the SMD-3528 version. Each rigid light bar fixture measures approximately 20 inches in length and is end-to-end connectable with up...

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Brilliant 12 Volt Rigid LED Light Bar - SMD-3528

$29.99 $19.99

Brilliant™ SMD-3528 Rigid LED Light bars feature 60 bright LEDs which provide excellent lighting for all your workspaces. Each rigid light bar measures approximately 20 inches in length and is end-to-end connectable with up to 10 sets. Whether...

Brilliant Brand Lighting

12 Volt Battery Pack


Use to power 12V lighting when a regular power supply can not be used or is not available. Requires 8 D cell batteries, not included.

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12 Volt Rigid LED Light Bar Power Supply - 8.3 Amp


Power supply for use with Brilliant 12 volt Rigid LED Light Bars. This 12 volt 100 watt 8.3 amp power adapter is for use with our 3528, 5050, or 5630 LED Rigid Light Bars. It will plug into a standard 110-120 volt outlet and can power up to eleven 3528...

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RGB Rigid LED Light Bar Controller with Wireless Remote - 12 Volt


Create brilliant color changing effects using this RGB controller and remote on our RGB LED Rigid Light Bars. Isolate colors, or select from many different flashing patterns all from the convenience of the included wireless remote control. Includes: 1x...

Looking for an easy DIY solution for a certain lighting project you have in mind? LED rigid light bars from Birddog Lighting are a great solution for almost any of your indoor or outdoor illumination needs. Rigid LED light bars are adjustable, dimmable and easily mounted, making them a great choice for nearly any space. They also come in several color options, so you can use them for general lighting or specialty applications. Each rigid LED light bar has several surface mounted devices (SMD) chips that are spread throughout, allowing you to customize the lighting level to suit your needs. Depending on how bright or intense you’d like your LED light (keeping in mind that all our light bars are dimmable) there are three SMD patterns to choose from: SMD-3528 which is a standard-intensity, SMD-5050 which is high-intensity, and SMD-5630 which is ultra-intensity.

LED Rigid Light Bars Installed

What are LED Rigid Light Bars?

LED rigid bar lights from Birddog Lighting are fairly simple. The light bars are made up of a line of surface mounted diodes (SMDs), which produce the brightest light offered by current LED technology. The SMDs, or chips, are attached directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to maximize durability and longevity. This PCB is then installed within an aluminum casing. LED Rigid Bar Lights feature either SMD 3528 (standard), SMD 5050 (high-intensity) or SMD 5630 (ultra-intensity) chips.

SMDs are known for their reliability and light intensity. They are energy-efficient and low-maintenance, making them a great choice for hard-to-access areas. Install an LED rigid light bar in a closet, under a counter or anywhere else that you need plentiful light without the bulk of a larger fixture. Our light bars are safe for use indoors or out and with three light intensities to choose from, it’s easy to find the right 120-volt LED light bar for your needs.

SMD 3528, SMD 5050, and SMD5630 - What’s the difference?

SMD 3528, SMD 5050 and SMD 5630 refers to the brightness of the chip used in the light bar. Standard brightness SMD 3528 LEDs are capable of producing brilliant accents in your home or business, but when extreme brightness is needed, SMD 5050 LEDs offer a brighter solution. The brightest option is the SMD 5630 LED chip. When ordering your strip lights, take the brightness into consideration to make sure you choose the right chip for your needs.

Shop at Birddog Lighting for the best selection of rigid LED light bars at affordable prices. Our light bars use SMD chips to create brilliant light in your choice of intensity. The light bars are energy-efficient, easy to install and long-lasting. Reduce utility costs and maintenance demands by choosing rigid LED bar lights for all of your specialty lighting needs.