C7 String Lights

Remember the feeling of going over to Grandma’s house during the Christmas season? Regain the nostalgia of Christmas’s long gone and relive the experience of being home for the holidays. C7 light strings are a classic for the Christmas and winter holiday season! Choose between our classic incandescent C7's or our long lasting LED C7 Christmas lights to make the perfect look for your holiday display. We have complete string light sets, replacement bulbs, strings without bulbs, and many of the accessories that are needed to make an amazing and vibrant exhibition.

C7 String Light Sets

Put together a holiday display to remember with the best C7 string lighting from Birddog Lighting. Our decorative C7 light sets are pre-matched to provide impressive color and atmosphere to indoor or outdoor projects. A C7 candelabra E12 bulb is commonly associated with Christmas lighting. However, they also give that extra element to Halloween, Independence Day and other holidays. They’re even great for birthday and midsummer parties too. We’ve made it easy to light up any occasion with C7 string lights that are ready to shine. Simply hang or wrap the strand and plug it in to experience the high-quality wonder!

Decorate for the Holidays

Decorate for the Holidays

We’re adding more and more C7 holiday light sets to our inventory so customers can liven up their home, business or public lighting. You can get C7 LED light strings and incandescent light sets in many colors, lengths and light spacings. Halloween flicker flame string lights have proven very popular as these orange and purple lights make haunted houses, scary stories and trick-or-treating even more breathtaking. There are also Christmas string lights, other holiday-themed sets and general lighting strands. Make sure to pick up extra bulbs and hanging accessories so you can set up every year with minimal hassle.

Custom Lights for Special Times

C7 string light sets from Birddog Lighting are the ultimate decorating solution. Hang them from the ceiling, wrap them around banisters and railings, line a windowsill or turn trees and bushes into the brightest greenery around. If you’re looking for a string light set that isn’t currently in stock, let us know — we can create custom sets. Or you can build your own light string with our C7 socket and wire sets. All decorative lighting products have the lowest prices guaranteed and are backed by experienced live support. Shop now knowing you can return an item for any reason within 30 days. We’ll even pay for the return shipping!

C7 LED Holiday Bulbs

C7 LED Holiday Bulbs

Enjoy traditional holiday beauty with a modern touch by decorating with C7 LED bulbs from Birddog Lighting. The C7 bulb, along with its larger cousin, the C9, was developed in the late 1920s by GE. They have a candelabra E12 base that fits most chandelier fixtures — but they quickly became a popular decorative lighting option. Now you can experience the same pleasant, colorful glow as many generations before with the latest LED lighting technology. We offer packs of C7 bulbs that fit our C7 socket and wire sets. It’s never been easier to design holiday lighting that will amaze neighbors at Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween or as part of a year-round display.

Long-Lasting Festive Light

A C7 LED bulb is the most energy-efficient option for your decorative light strings. These 120V bulbs are rated for 25,000 hours or more of use and consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. That means you can leave them on night after night without being greeted with a massive utility bill. In turn, you’ll have more money to put presents under the tree or next to the birthday cake. The light quality is remarkable as well with an even, crisp glow that impresses anyone.

Stylish Bulbs for Every Season

Birddog Lighting has many holiday lighting bulbs to choose from. Our regular C7 bulb 25-packs are available with a faceted or smooth frosted exterior finish and eight colors such as cool white, warm white, blue, red and purple. RGB C7 Christmas light bulbs change colors in whatever pattern you desire with effects such as running and strobing. A set of retrofit C7 falling icicle bulbs is another cool addition to your light strings. Add some C7 installation accessories and you’ll be ready to make your living room, front porch, outdoor tree or walkway glow. Visit our blog for more about holiday lighting or call us for assistance from our experienced customer service staff.

C7 LED Light Bulbs

C7 Incandescent Bulbs

Our C7 Incandescent bulbs are the perfect way to light up your home this holiday season. For use with our C7 String Light and Socket sets, our C7 Incandescent bulbs have a variety of colors you can pick and choose from. We even offer flicker flame candelabra bulb sets that makes it appear as if you have flickering candles among your lights. Our 130V bulbs use less energy and last longer than 120V bulbs. Choose our C7 Incandescent light bulbs this holiday season and you will be satisfied with their ability to bring life to your home!

C7 Socket & Wire Sets

Tis the season and Birddog Lighting is here to help you bring that Christmas spirit to your home! Our C7 string light sets have C7 base sockets so you can pick and choose what colors you would like your holiday display to look like. Both C7 Incandescent bulbs and C7 LED bulbs will work with the string light sets. Installation has never been easier with our newest clips in stock that are manufactured right here in the United States! You can even choose your bulb spacing from 18 inch, 15 inch, 12 inch, or 6 inch distances. Try out our C7 Socket & Wire sets today and you will love your Christmas lighting this holiday season.

C7 String Light Accessories

Birddog Lighting has all the accessories you will need for your C7 bulbs this holiday season! If you have a short in your run of lights, we sell sockets and plugs. We also sell wire that you can install sockets onto so you can customize your holiday lighting. Birddog also carries the highest quality clips that can be used on gutters and shingles and are manufactured right here in the United States! Whatever your project calls for, Birddog Lighting is sure to have the accessories that allow you to have full control of your holiday lighting this year.

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