66 Volt PLC LED RGB Rope Lights

RGB Color Changing Chasing 66V LED PLC Rope Lights

Finally, a truly dynamic chasing RGB (Red/Green/Blue) product in a standard rope light profile…and with only 2 wires! The first of its kind, RGB Chasing LED PLC combines the 360-degree flexibility of a rope light with the dynamic color changing DMX like effects of RGB strip lights that will mesmerize the masses. This totally unique product is pioneering the led lighting industry. Be among the first to experience this amazing new linear lighting marvel.

Use the newly designed smooth touch controller to select from pre-set programs or select uniform colors. You have complete control of the brightness, the speed, and the preprogramed chasing pattern. PLC lighting has endless possibilities! With advanced controllers PLC lighting has the ability to control the color of each RGB bulb independently. Certain PLC lighting can display a cascading wave of independent colors that chase and dance in ways you’ve never seen a rope light do.

Made from the same durable PVC in the same ½ inch diameter profile as our single color 120 Volt LED Rope lights, PLC will provide you a dynamic RGB chasing product in a true rope light format.

PLC LED RGB Color Changing Chasing Rope Light Profile

PLC LED RGB Color Changing Chasing Rope Lights Coiled

What are PLC Rope Lights?

PLC stands for Powerline Communication and is a technology that has been successfully used on existing electrical wiring in buildings for years! PLC lighting does just what it says, it uses existing powerlines (in this case the 2 wires that power the LEDs in PLC rope lights) to send data which can identify and control each individual RGB LED in your rope lights. Using PLC lighting products you can send a signal to turn on or off each RGB LED, change color, brightness, fade between different colors or even activate pre-defined color patterns …and it is SO easy! Our PLC rope lights come with a remote that you can use to easily adjust the lights to whatever you want them to look like for any occasion. No more fighting with a complicated wiring set up, no more struggling to program your lights to fit your needs.

This technology advancement allows for you to add new lights to the network by just plugging them in. You don’t have to pair the remote to the new lights or worry about complicated installation instructions. PLC works off of two-wires, you can still get the beautiful array of colors from your RGB lights, but you do not have to deal with messy four-wire lights. The product is also much lighter weight than the traditional four-wire RGB lights. AND THEY ARE TRUE LED RGB CHASING ROPE LIGHTS! They are omnidirectional, and they are designed with two-wires rather than a printed circuit board. This allows for flexibility and you can create any design without worrying about going around corners or splicing the lights. They contour and bend to the project! Check out our video to get a peek at this amazing new product.

Benefits of RGB Chasing LED PLC Rope Lights

  • Eliminates the need for multiple wires for each color
  • Saves time from complicated wiring
  • Reduces the overall weight
  • Improves the flexibility
  • Creates a cost effective single delivery solution
Benefits of PLC LED RGB Color Changing Chasing Rope Lights
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