120 Volt LED Strip Lights

Cool White SMD LED Neon Strip Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Cool White Neon LED Strip Lighting is our brightest neon color and provides a beautiful accent for night lighting at clubs, restaurants, and pools. It gives the same neon effect as traditional glass neon tube lighting but consumes less power (80% less)...

Blue SMD LED Neon Strip Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Want to purchase our Blue LED Neon strip lights but don’t need an entire spool? Well we have you covered with our custom cut neon tape lights. Just specify the length you need (in 19.5 inch intervals) and we will cut the lighting accordingly. We...

Pink SMD LED Neon Strip Light - 120 Volt - Custom Cut


Our custom cut Brilliant brand Pink LED Neon Strip Lights offer a unique way to brighten up your day. If you don’t need a full spool of 148 feet of lighting, our trained staff will cut the lights to your desired length in 19.5 inch intervals. Your...

Cool White SMD LED Neon Strip Light - 120 Volt - 148 Feet


Looking for that crisp, bright, white light that will really stand out from the rest? Well you have found it in our Cool White neon LED strip lights. A great option for replacing traditional neon glass bulbs, our neon strip lights will stand out and save...

120V LED Strip Lights

120v LED Strip Lights can be cut in 19.5” intervals and easily customized with a variety of LED strip light accessories. Both SMD 3528 (standard output) and SMD 5050 (high output) options are available in custom cut lengths and can be installed using PVC plastic track or PVC clips. LED Ribbon Lights are available in eight brilliant colors so getting creative while personalizing your accent lighting project is easy. Encased in a UV resistant PVC coating, 120v LED strip lights are available with an IP44 weather resistant rating and are safe to use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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