1/2" Incandescent Rope Light Accessories

If you have incandescent rope lights, make sure you are getting the right accessories with Birddog Lighting’s wide selection. Make sure that your lights are getting the right power they need with our power cord kits and our wide selection of controllers. Do you need to connect multiple runs of lights together or split a run into different directions? We have female to female connectors and Y-connectors to help you get the job done. Birddog Lighting also has many different options for mounting your lights. We sell PVC plastic mounting channels and aluminum mounting track, whichever fits best for your installation needs. We also have deluxe mounting clips, manufactured right here in the United States!

If you plan on using your ½” incandescent rope lights outdoors, be sure to buy weatherproof kits and silicone sealant to ensure your lights are properly weatherproofed to withstand the elements. You will find everything from timers to outlets in our accessories, so browse around and find what will make your lighting dreams come true!