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Integrated LED T8 Lights

LED Series

Integrated LED T8 Fixtures


Integrated LED T8 fixtures are a simple and efficient solution to get bright, flicker-free lighting for indoor locations where fluorescent or other types of bulbs have traditionally been used. Our integrated T8 fixtures house LEDs along with their...

LED Series

Integrated LED T8 Fixture Power Cords


120V power cord used to power our integrated LED T8 fixtures – connect up to 10x 2 ft. or 7x 4 ft. fixtures using only 1 power cord.

If you're looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to fluorescent lights, choose integrated LED T8 lighting from Birddog Lighting. Like fluorescent lights, our T8 lights are designed to flood your space with brilliant light. They have a familiar tube shape and fit in the same space as your existing fluorescent light. While T8 lighting may not be the most common choice on the market, it is one of the easiest and least inexpensive ways to add lighting to your shop, house, office, warehouse or commercial space. The all-in-one lighting solutions are easy to install and self-contained, making them a great choice for ambitious DIYers that are looking to upgrade their lighting.

Integrated T8 Lights

When you order a T8 light, there's no need to purchase a separate fixture, which helps keep costs down and maintenance to a minimum. Our T8 LED light fixtures are available in hardwired or plug-and-play varieties so you can choose the installation that's right for your needs. To switch from a hardwired lamp to a plug-in lamp, simply interchange the included hard wire cord for a cord with a standard outlet plug. Our T8 LED lights are end-to-end linkable with splice connectors so you can create longer runs and illuminate larger areas. You can also use the corded splice to turn corners. Whatever your lighting project, you will enjoy the ease and versatility of this LED lighting solution.

Shop at Birddog Lighting for the best selection of T8 integrated LED lights for your home, office or commercial space. In addition to fixtures, we also carry T8 LED accessories that will make it easy to create custom installations to suit your needs. LED fixtures are more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes and offer better color rendering. They're virtually maintenance free and last for up to 100,000 hours, making them a smart choice for busy individuals. Order your integrated T8 LED lights from Birddog Lighting and get the best prices, best selection and best service.