Integrated LED T8 Lights

LED Series

Integrated LED T8 Fixtures


Integrated LED T8 fixtures are a simple and efficient solution to get bright, flicker-free lighting for indoor locations where fluorescent or other types of bulbs have traditionally been used. Our integrated T8 fixtures house LEDs along with their...

LED Series

Integrated LED T8 Fixture Power Cords


120V power cord used to power our integrated LED T8 fixtures – connect up to 10x 2 ft. or 7x 4 ft. fixtures using only 1 power cord.

Integrated LED T8 lighting is one of the easiest, least inexpensive ways to add lighting to your shop, house, office, warehouse, or commercial space. These versatile easy to install, self contained T8 lights are an all in one solution. No need to purchase a separate fixture. Interchange the included hard wire cord for a cord with a standard outlet plug. End to end linkable with splice connector or use the corded splice to turn corners. Whatever the your lighting project, you will enjoy the ease and versatility of this LED lighting solution.

Integrated T8 Lights