LED Neon

LED Neon Rope Lights and LED Neon Strip Lights

LED neon rope lights and LED neon strip lights are made from transparent PVC tubing, offering a modern twist on traditional neon lighting. They provide energy-efficient illumination, consuming significantly less power than their traditional glass counterparts. Their flexibility and sleek design allow for versatile applications, from decorative accents to functional lighting.

These lights are also durable and long-lasting, reducing replacement costs. Moreover, LED neon rope and strip lights emit minimal heat, making them safe to use in any setting. They're a perfect blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality.

Neon LEDs are an excellent choice for interior or exterior lighting. Use them for perimeter lights, outlining, creating signs and silhouettes, and other applications. They are great for lighting up your restaurant or bar and can even create custom signage. Whatever the application, our LED neon lighting and accessories are sure to impress with their vivid color and consistent brightness.

LED Neon Lights Installed

What LED Neon Rope and Strip Lights Are Best?

Choosing the best neon LED light rope or neon LED strip lights depends on your specific needs:

  • 120 Volt LED Neon Rope Lights: Use this single color option for long continuous runs. Slightly larger profile, but able to cover large areas without voltage drop concerns.
  • 120 Volt LED RGB Neon Rope Lights: Offering color-changing capabilities, they're perfect for impressive lighting displays and other projects that require long runs.
  • 24 Volt Dream Color Neon Rope Lights: Also known as digital or indexable RGB, each LED works independently from the next providing unique color patterns, dynamic chasing options, and pre-programmed sequences. Ideal for creating dynamic lighting effects over short to medium distances.
  • 120 Volt LED Neon Strip Lights: More streamlined than neon rope lights, their compact size allows for easier manipulation, easier installation, and are great for linear decorative illumination.
  • 12 Volt Mini LED Neon Strip Lights: Their tiny profile and silicone construction makes them the most versatile, portable, and perfect option for intricate designs or spaces.
  • 12 Volt Mini LED RGB Neon Strip Lights: Combining color-changing features in a super flexible mini format, these are suitable for smaller, dynamic displays.

LED neon strip and LED neon rope lights are rapidly replacing traditional glass neon lights in most markets because they're safer, easier to install, and more affordable. Stay on the cutting edge of technology by shopping at Birddog Lighting for LED neon strips and accessories. Review our guide to LED neon rope lights to determine which style is right for your project.

If you want bright lights and flexible installation options, choose LED strip lights from Birddog Lighting. Whether you're an ambitious DIYer or a professional, you’ll love how these lights look and work. When you purchase LED neon ropes or strips, you will get the same neon look without the high price tag and dangerous gas.

How to Care for LED Neon Rope and Strip Lights

Maintaining your LED neon strips and neon rope lights will enhance their longevity, whether installed indoors or outdoors. For inside use, dust the lights regularly with a soft cloth to maintain brightness. Avoid placing them near heat sources, which could melt the PVC or damage the diodes.

Before hanging lights outdoors, ensure they're rated for exterior use. Periodically check for water or debris buildup, cleaning them gently. Avoid bending the strip or rope excessively to prevent damage, regardless of location. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for optimal care.

What Are the Key Differences Between LED Neon Rope Lights and Strip Lights?

LED neon rope lights are typically thicker with a more robust round lighted area that most closely resembles traditional neon. Ideal for outlining structures and creating larger, less detailed designs.

LED neon strip lights have a smaller profile, are more flexible, and can appear slightly more intense. Perfect for linear applications, along edges, outlines, and more intricate designs. Both offer energy efficiency, but their form factors dictate their primary use cases.

Key Differenced Between LED Neon Rope Lights & Strip Lights

Elevate Your Space with Neon Lights

For LED neon lighting and accessories, nobody offers a better selection than Birddog Lighting. We make it easy to save on energy costs without sacrificing brilliance or color by carrying a generous selection of LED neon lights at low prices.

Use neon lights to create custom displays in your home or business and enjoy the value only an LED lighting product can bring. In addition to LED neon lights, we also carry lighting accessories to make it easy to bring your visions to life.

Elevate your home's ambiance with Birddog Lighting's high-quality LED neon rope light and neon strip light. Experience the transformative value of neon lighting, blending aesthetics and functionality. Don't wait—illuminate with Birddog Lighting today!

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