LED Neon

What are Neon LED lights and how are they different from traditional neon? LED neon lights utilize LED diodes inside of flexible PVC plastic to create a neon look. Traditional neon lights are typically composed of glass tubes and use gas to create the neon light effect. LED neon lights are much more energy efficient, last longer, cost less, are not hazardous, and are more flexible allowing you to create custom designs and much more. Neon LED lights can be used both indoors and outdoors with proper weatherproof sealing.

LED Neon Lights Installed

LED neon strip and LED neon rope lights are rapidly replacing traditional glass neon lights and are becoming the linear lighting product of choice for professionals and do it yourselfers. When you purchase LED neon lights you will get the same neon look without the high price tag and dangerous gas.

Neon LEDs are a great choice for interior or exterior lighting. Use them for perimeter lights, outlining, creating signs, silhouettes and more. They are great for lighting up your restaurant or bar. Whatever the application is, our LED neon lighting and accessories are sure to impress anyone with their vivid color and consistent brightness.