Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Inflatables

Don’t forget to decorate your yard with our line of LED inflatables. From the nativity scene to Santa himself, we offer a multiple design choices to ensure that you have the most festive house on the block! Our Christmas inflatables range in size and come with a fan to make set up a breeze.

Twinkly LED Lights

Discover why Twinkly Smart LED lights are a top seller every year. These RGB smart lights are more than just illumination, they're a mesmerizing lighting experience. With their cutting-edge technology and dazzling effects, Twinkly LED lights are inspiring creativity during the holidays and throughout the entire year. From vibrant color displays to customizable patterns, these lights are the future of lighting design. Transform your surroundings and watch in awe as Twinkly LED lights turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Illuminate your world with Twinkly today.

LED String Lights

No Christmas is complete without string lights. Suitable for use inside or out, you can wrap your tree and porch or line your windowsills and decorate your living room. We offer the traditional white or fun colors to match any theme.

C7 String Lights

If you’re looking for a classic lighting aesthetic that calls to mind past Christmases spent with the extended family, C7 lights have the nostalgic vibe you want. Merge the past with the future by choosing modern LEDs or stick with old-school incandescents to lean into fond holiday memories.

C9 String Lights

Are C7s not getting the job done? If you’re looking for that old-time Christmas feeling but want to go big and brighter, choose the C9! You can select between LEDs or incandescent—either way, you’re going with a durable, dependable lighting setup that evokes the spirit of Christmas past.

LED Showmotion Displays

Showstopping LED Showmotion Trees are a necessity for any festive home or office! Ranging from 4-12 feet in height, these LED lights are set to motion providing a dazzling display – indoors or out - for all to enjoy. Light up the night with these holiday trees and be the talk of the town. We offer them in 3 styles and 4 sizes.

LED Christmas Lights

Christmas is the time for comfort and joy—and you’ll deliver plenty of joy with these impressive lights. Birddog Lighting has a vast collection of decorative LED Christmas lights with dazzling colors and unique takes on classic holiday symbols.

These lights are perfect for homeowners who want to stand out, businesses welcoming customers, and towns that strive to spread good cheer to all residents. Since this lighting uses energy-efficient LED bulbs, you’ll save money while getting to use the lights year after year.

Deck the halls every December with LED holiday lights full of timeless style.

Indoor & Outdoor Lights

We make creating custom Christmas light displays on any budget easy, from simple Christmas light wreaths to animated displays. At Birddog Lighting, we have a solution ready to astonish and delight you. LED RGB holiday rope lights are popular for wrapping around railings, trees, mailboxes, and windowsills in various splashy colors.

These same lights are used to create Christmas rope light motifs. You can hang an outdoor Merry Christmas lighted sign, nativity scene, Santa portrait, flying reindeer, and many other shapes with weather-resistant bulbs.

Some of our most popular Christmas lights are snowflakes made from LED ropes and holiday LED stars. These designs come in all sizes and can stay up long after you’ve finished opening the presents. If you want to go 3-D, an LED Christmas inflatable will make your lawn the most festive around. Of course, there’s always room for the classics, as LED string lights modernize these traditional bulbs and can shine for years without burning out.

Benefits of Using LED Christmas Lights

If you’re still accustomed to displaying older incandescent lights for holiday decorations, you’ll be amazed at the difference LED Christmas lights make regarding energy efficiency.

  • LED bulbs use at least 75% less electricity than their incandescent counterparts.
  • LEDs run cooler than incandescent Christmas lights, which pose a potential fire risk.
  • Instead of glass, LED bulbs are typically made with epoxy lenses, which are harder to break.
  • LED lights can last decades of Decembers; you’ll never get that much use out of incandescent light bulbs.

Are there any downsides to LED Christmas lights? Some people perceive a bluish glow, especially with the white lights. This was certainly the case when LED technology was new, but the colors are much truer nowadays. Virtually every conceivable color is now readily available in an led version. In short, there are multiple benefits to LED, but not really any drawbacks.

Colorful Holiday Lights That Last

Decorate like a pro with the best Yuletide lights from Birddog Lighting. We’re so confident you’ll love the new fixtures, light strands, and motifs that you can send most of them back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied—we’ll even pay for the return shipping!

Our team is here to help you design a one-of-a-kind display with indoor holiday lighting and LED outdoor Christmas lights at an affordable price.

Christmas Light FAQ

Do you have questions about LED Christmas lighting? Find the answers below.

How Long Will My LED Lights Last?

You shouldn’t have to replace LED lighting for a long time. According to, the same string of LED Christmas lights could still be usable 40 years after purchasing them. The upfront cost may be slightly higher than it is for incandescent lighting, but you won’t get a fraction of the longevity out of the older style lighting.

Are LED Lights Brighter than Incandescent Lights?

LED lights of the same wattage are significantly brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs—but they’re so energy efficient that you won’t find LED Christmas decorations that drain that much power. Instead, you’ll likely find lower wattage LED lights that burn just as brightly, if not brighter, than old school incandescents.

Do LED Lights Provide Energy Cost Savings?

Absolutely! LED Christmas lights draw at least 75% less energy than incandescent lights of a similar radiance. Additionally, since you can string multiple sets of lights together, you’ll probably need fewer outlets and extension cords to cover the same area during the holidays.

Are LED Christmas Lights Safer?

Two characteristics make LED Christmas lights safer than incandescent decorations: their durability and low wattage.

Incandescent bulbs are encased in glass—making them fragile. LED bulbs aren’t entirely unbreakable but are much more durable since their cases are formed from epoxy lenses.

The low wattage and high efficiency of LED lights helps on two different levels. First, these bulbs don’t get nearly as hot—not even continuously. The same can’t be said for incandescent lights, which get so hot they can constitute a fire hazard in the wrong conditions. Most fires caused by Christmas lights are because electrical outlets get overloaded. The fact that LED lights use so much less electricity also minimizes the risk of an overload.

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