24 Volt LED FCOB Strip Lights

Accent Lighting Has Achieved Unprecedented Excellence

Introducing the revolutionary 24-volt Flip-Chip on Board (FCOB) strip lights. The beauty of its seamless clean lines adds sophistication and luxury to any area you would like to enhance with the beauty of accent lighting.

Gone are the days of trying to find ways to hide the hot spots on your strip lights, or only using them in areas where they are not directly visible. This dotless modern technology expands the opportunities of strip lights for everyone and every application.

FCOB Strip Light Flexible Coil

What Is FCOB Technology?

Brilliant Brand’s FCOB lights feature ultra-modern upgraded technology with multiple LEDs mounted directly onto a flexible circuit board. This manufacturing process allows for a high density of LEDs to form a uniform light output along the entire strip.

The Flip-Chip technology eliminates the need for wire connections and enables more comprehensive connection to the substrate. This elevated connection technology is more efficient to produce, offers superior heat management, and improves the overall lighting experience.

Brilliant Brand’s FCOB strip features 480 LEDs per meter, compared to a traditional strip light which typically features around 60 LEDs per meter. As you can imagine the difference is spectacular.

Flip Chip LEDs vs Conventional Wire-Bonded LEDs

Superior Performance With Safety And Efficiency In Mind

Additionally, these progressive products offer a higher voltage than standard 12-volt strip lights. Our 24-volt FCOB lights result in a brighter, more intense light output, making them ideal for applications where strong, reliable lighting is desired or required.

Although they deliver a higher voltage than 12-volt; the benefits of low voltage remain. Low voltage lighting enables the do-it-yourselfer to safely embark upon their own lighting adventure, comparable to our rope lights, but with greater ease of use, and without the dangers inherent in high voltage products. Low voltage also offers the advantage of energy efficiency despite its brilliant glow, reducing the impact on your wallet and the environment. Its durability and longevity are unrivaled in the strip light market. You can set it and forget it with its minimal maintenance resilience.

Customizable Convenience For Every Unique Project Or Need

Among the many advantages to these lights is their frequent cutting intervals that allow for simple personalization with the use of household scissors. Our FCOB lighting enhances customization with a selection of accessories designed for seamless connections, effortless cornering, and crafting a lighting network tailored to any interior design. These lights retain the flexibility and versatility of the standard strip lights by being well suited for bending, twisting, and shaping to fit a variety of spaces and applications. They are easy to install, with adhesive backing included for quick and secure placement.

Available in a range of options, including our in-stock warm white, and cool white. Brilliant Brand 24-volt FCOB strip lights are energy-efficient, durable, and have a long lifespan. They are a powerful and flexible lighting solution for both residential and commercial lighting needs, offering enhanced performance for more demanding applications.

24V FCOB Strip Lighting Custom Applications
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