8 Tips for Using Outdoor Rope Lights This Spring

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 27th 2023

8 Tips for Using Outdoor Rope Lights This Spring

Your backyard is more than the place where your kids play and you host the next neighborhood barbecue. It's your oasis.

You're not the only one who feels this way. Research shows that people in the United States spend around 14 hours outdoors each week on average - an increase of three hours from previous data.

Fortunately, you can add even more value to your outdoor space by decorating with outdoor rope lights this spring. Here's a rundown on eight tips for using outdoor rope lights to elevate your yard's look and feel.

Let's jump in!

1. Deck Railings

One of the best ways to decorate your home with outdoor rope lights this spring is to deck your deck railings with them. Using these eye-catching lights to wrap your deck railings will instantly give your deck a different ambiance.

For instance, you can use color-changing rope lights to give your deck an exciting party atmosphere for your next family or friend gathering or party. This is especially a bonus if the event will take place at night.

Simply place rope lights beneath the handrail. This will allow family members and guests to easily see the lights as they illuminate your outdoor space.

What's great about hanging rope lights on your deck railings is that this project shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. In a jiffy, you can make your yard more appealing and inviting than ever with these lights.

2. Patio

You can also hang LED rope lights on the wooden fence positioned around your home's outdoor patio. You'll quickly raise the excitement and delight the imaginations of your guests during your next patio handout, meeting, or spring dinner.

Rope lights can also be added to your patio table to enhance your dining atmosphere. You can also add rope lights to your patio floor or walls to further make the space look spectacular.

With these lights on your patio, you're sure to receive compliments from relatives, family, and friends for years to come. And if you're trying to impress somebody special during a date night, these lights are perfect for creating the romantic nightly atmosphere you're going for.

3. Walkway

Another part of your yard that could use rope lights is your walkway.

A walkway that is properly illuminated with rope lights will make it easier for guests to get from their car to your home. Plus, the light against the sky will make the entrance to a night gathering warmer and more interesting.

Fortunately, rope lights are simple to install on your walkway. All you need are several U stakes to attach the lights to your grass. You should also cover any light connections with weatherproof tape since they will be exposed to the elements.

Although solar lamps are sometimes used for walkways as well, rope lights will give your walking path a more sophisticated and classier touch.

4. Stairs

Adding rope lights to the stairs leading up to your porch may also be a wise idea to make the stairs safer to use at night. Rope lights on your stairs will also make your home's entrance even more impressive and enticing.

5. Trees

Feel free to also hang rope lights on your backyard trees as well. This will allow you to instantly transform your outdoor space into an unforgettable party scene this spring.

Note that rope lights can go on both your tree trunks and your trees' branches. Lights in both places will bring a new dimension to your home's exterior.

6. Patio Umbrella and Other Coverings

You may also want to add rope lights to your patio umbrella and other types of patio coverings, including the following:

  • Sail shade
  • Canopy
  • Pergola

These protective coverings should do more than simply protect you and your guests from excess sun. When you place lights on them, these coverings can also make your yard more beautiful and alluring.

7. Garden

Finally, enhance your yard by adding rope lights to your garden area.

Let's say you're planning to host an evening shindig this spring. Rope lights will allow you to add light to your party without having to worry about installing and wiring anything. You won't need to enlist the help of an electrician to do the job, either.

You can also add some rope lights to your yard's garden pond. This will give you yet another area of your yard to enjoy at night.

If your garden area has a gazebo, feel free to add rope lights to this structure, too. You can install lights around your gazebo's base or along its floor. Either way, it will make the gazebo look and feel more comfortable.

8. Greenhouse

Finally, if you have a greenhouse in your yard, you can also decorate this with rope lights.

When your greenhouse's lights are on at night, you may struggle to see the greenhouse itself. However, you can solve this issue by adding rope lights to the building. The lights will also add style to the greenhouse.

How We Can Help with Our Rope Lights

Rope lights can easily be used to brighten up your garden and trees in your backyard. You can also spruce up your stairs, patio umbrella, walkway, patio, and deck railings with these attractive lights.

At Birddog Lighting, we take pride in offering the highest quality rope lights and other lighting for both homes and businesses. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products, and place an order today!

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