3/8" Incandescent Rope Light Accessories

39 Inch x 3/8 Inch Clear Rope Light Mounting Track

$3.99 $1.89

For a clean, straight, professional look use our 3/8 Inch PVC rope light mounting track with UV protection. Ideal for projects that need to be completely linear with no sagging. Rope lighting channel allows you to incorporate perfect straight runs that...

Premium Silicone Sealant


Required for use with LED or Incandescent lighting accessory connections when used outdoors or where moisture may be present. Recommended combined use with our Weatherproofing Heat Tape Kit.

Lighting Storage Spools

$6.99 $4.99

Rope light spools are the perfect storage solution for all your non-permanent rope lighting projects. Use these spools to safely store your custom cut rope light decorations until your next occasion.

6-Function Flashing Lighting Controller With Sound Chip - 120 Volt

$59.99 $39.99

Do you want your lights to dance to the beat of music? Use our two-knob, multi-function light controller with rope lights, strip lights, or any other lighting product that has a standard power cord. The sound chip controller has 2 outlets that will power...

Rope and Strip Light Cutter


Make Perfect Cuts Every Time! - Our aluminium anvil rope light cutter features: aluminum handles and coated blade resist rust, extending the life of this tool. This rope light cutter has a single straight cutting blade to close down on the flat edge or...

Deluxe Multi-Purpose Shingle/Gutter Light Clips (50 Pack)


Engineered for lightning-fast installation, our commercial-grade Deluxe Shingle/Gutter Light Clips are perfect for anyone looking for a universal clip that truly does it all. Quickly and easily hang almost any size and type of LED or incandescent light,...

Cable Zip Ties (100 pack)


These Self-Locking Cable zip ties can be used for a wide range of applications including rope lighting. Available in both 4 inch and 8 inch lengths and six dofferent colors. 4 inch available colors: Clear, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow 8 inch available...

Above-Ground Christmas Light Stake (25 Pack)


Have you ever wanted to run string lights or rope lights along your yard? These nifty Christmas light ground stakes help you to do just that. Choose between a 15 inch stake or an 8 inch stake to get the desired height above ground and attach your rope or...

1-Channel Universal Inline Mini Flashing Controller - 120 Volt


Add an adjustable speed flashing effect to your lighting display today. Use this flashing controller to power most any 120 volt lighting that uses a standard plug including rope lights, string lights, strip lights, and more. Just plug this controller...

2-Channel Lighting Dimmer Controller - 120 Volt

$69.99 $49.99

This is an effective tool when you want full control over the brightness of your lighting system. This two channel dimmer works great for rope lighting but will work on virtually any standard 120V lighting product. Features: 2 Channel dimmer...

3/8 Inch Rope Light End Caps (5 Pack)


Rope Light End Caps (5 pack) Use with 3/8 inch 2-Wire Rope Lights to seal the end of your sections. Helps to protect your rope light against dust and debris, and when used with silicon sealant, can help resist moisture.

If you purchase our 3/8” incandescent rope lights, then you will need specially sized accessories for installing your lights. Birddog Lighting has specially fitted 3/8” accessories to aid you in your installation of your incandescent rope lights. We specialized power cord kits so you can power your lights. Looking to add that special effect to your lights? Purchase one of our controllers to bring your lights to life! Purchase power connectors to connect multiple runs of lighting and extra end caps if you need to cap off the end of a run. Worried about how you are going to mount your lights? No need to be as Birddog Lighting has aluminum and PVC plastic track to install a linear run. We even sell clips that are manufactured right here in the United States!

Incandescent rope lights can be used outdoors as long as they are properly sealed with our weatherproofing kits and premium silicone sealant. You will find everything from multi-setting timers to mechanical timer outlets in our wide selection of 3/8” incandescent rope light accessories. If you have any questions about what accessories you need for you project, give our highly trained staff a call and we will be more than happy to help!

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