LED Wall Pack Lights

Illuminate your outdoor spaces efficiently with LED wall pack lights. These sturdy fixtures emit a strong, dependable light—just what you need to boost security and visibility around your home or business.

How to Select LED Wall Pack Lights

When you're in the market for LED wall pack lighting, considering the wattage, correlated color temperature (CCT), and light style is essential to making the right choice:

  • Wattage: The watt selection for your LED wall pack lights directly impacts the brightness of your space. Consider what you need: Are you lighting up a cozy corner or a sprawling parking lot? Your choice here sets the tone for how welcoming (or secure) your space feels.Some wall packs are also available with variable wattage which allow the versatility to choose your desired output.
  • Styles: You’ll have several excellent options. Full cutoff wall pack lights are your go-to for reducing light pollution and maximizing delivered lumens to your target area. These lights direct all the light downward, making them perfect for pathways or entrances. Conversely, semi-cutoff wall pack lights throw a wider beam, illuminating a larger area. This design makes them ideal for parking lots or broader commercial exteriors.
  • Correlated Color Temperature: CCT is expressed in Kelvin and is measured on a scale of 1000K to 10,000K. The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer (yellow hue) the light. Higher Kelvin values indicate a cooler (blue hue) light. Different colors of white light have application specific considerations. Warm white is preferred for living spaces, while cooler temperatures are ideal for task lighting, parking lots, retail spaces, and more. Choose the right CCT to achieve your desired ambiance, functionality, and aesthetic.

Whether upgrading your existing setup or starting from scratch, choosing the right wattage, CCT, and style of commercial LED wall pack lights can elevate your space and even improve perfromance. Find the sweet spot between functionality and flair to make your outdoor areas safe and inviting.

Wall Pack Light Features

Why Switch to LED Wall Packs?

LED wall pack lights are built tough to withstand the weather and feature many aesthetically pleasing designs to improve the look of your outdoor space. Here are some other reasons to switch to this outdoor lighting solution.

  • Energy Efficiency: LED wall pack lights significantly reduce energy consumption while providing superior illumination over traditional lighting. You’ll lower your lighting bill without sacrificing brightness or security.
  • Longevity: Experience enduring illumination with your LED wall pack lights with an impressive lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Enjoy years of reliable, low-maintenance lighting, ensuring consistent brightness without frequent replacements.
  • Smart Lighting with Photocell: LED wall pack lights with photocells lead the way in outdoor lighting innovation. These smart lights seamlessly adapt to the ambient light, automatically illuminating at dusk and dimming at dawn. They conserve energy and enhance security and convenience, illuminating your outdoor areas precisely when necessary.

LED Wall Pack Lights for Commercial Applications

LED wall pack lights with photocell are ideal for commercial applications, offering extensive area coverage and exceptional brightness for offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial settings. The lights’ design dispels the shadows of trees and outdoor obstacles, brightening up architectural features, entryways, walkways, and parking lots. You can ensure that every corner of your outdoor commercial space is brightly lit, safe, and inviting.

LED wall pack photocell technology automates lighting based on natural light levels, improving energy efficiency and safety. Well-illuminated areas naturally deter potential security risks. Commercial LED wall pack lights also come with impressive customizability, allowing you to adjust lighting angles, colors, and intensities to suit your needs.

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Our friendly staff is waiting to help you with any product questions or design insights Our high quality LED Wall Pack Lights are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, come with an industry leading warranty, are offered in multiple different styles, and are stocked and ready to ship in the USA.

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