Commercial LED Lights

Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures

Help your business shine day or night by installing the latest LED commercial light fixtures from Birddog Lighting. Companies and organizations of all sizes use LED lighting to provide high-quality illumination while significantly reducing utility costs. These fixtures use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. These savings become even more pronounced in large commercial spaces — especially since LED lights also emit less heat for better climate control. You’ll pay less in overhead while enjoying bright light that shows off your merchandise and helps customers and employees find their way around.

Best Energy-Efficient Work Lights

We have a big assortment of indoor LED lights so you can customize your layout. Our low bay LED lights are ideal for ceilings between 12 and 20 feet high. These fixtures are used everywhere from corporate offices to fitness centers so people can see clearly as they work. If you have a taller ceiling such as those often seen in factories and auditoriums, high bay LED lights will fill the space to increase visibility and productivity. LED troffer lights are excellent general illumination while LED floodlights provide a powerful glow for concerts and signage.

You’ll also find outdoor commercial LED lighting in our collection. LED street lights, area lights, shoebox lights and wall pack lights have many uses for businesses. They can brighten parking lots and sidewalks, line the building perimeter, call attention to an entrance or light up an athletic field. In addition to increased productivity, they also add security to your property.

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Shop at Birddog Lighting for the lowest price guaranteed on heavy-duty LED lighting fixtures. These lights are rated to last 50,000 hours or more and have a generous warranty for your buying confidence. Furthermore, 95% of our fixtures are a direct replacement for existing fixtures, making it simple to retrofit a space. If you have questions or need assistance choosing the right lighting, experienced help is just a phone call away.

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