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Lighting Storage Spools

$6.99 $4.99

Rope light spools are the perfect storage solution for all your non-permanent rope lighting projects. Use these spools to safely store your custom cut rope light decorations until your next occasion.

48 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Snowflake Motif


Brighten up your winter holidays with our 48 inch by 48 inch cool white LED snowflake lighted motif. Our LEDs are spaced 1 inch apart in this motif to maximize the brightness of the lights. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Features: All-Weather...

Orange / Purple C7 Halloween Flicker Flame String Lights


You know the flickering light of a candle always adds that special element when telling a scary story. This Halloween give your home an extra spooky feel from the flickering flame light of these string lights. Choose from purple or amber with the choice...

20 Inch Christmas Wreath with Poinsettias


This Christmas wreath has mini pinecones and three Poinsettias. It is 20 inches in diameter and would be a wonderful front door or over the fireplace decoration. The wreath also matches well with our 9 Foot Christmas Garland.

3 Foot 100 LED Purple Halloween Spider Web Net Light


36 Inch x 36 Inch Overall Size 100 LED Lights Energy efficient Grade "A" LEDs 22# Black wire with super bright purple LED bulbs Lighted Scary Spider in the center of the web UL rated for indoor/outdoor use

Brilliant 70 G12 LED Raspberry String Lights - 4 Inch Spacing


Fun, energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED Raspberry lights are a fun addition to any indoor or outdoor project! They are a quick addition to any design work you do throughout your home, patio or landscape. Why not take advantage of the...

1-Channel Universal Inline Mini Flashing Controller - 120 Volt


Add an adjustable speed flashing effect to your lighting display today. Use this flashing controller to power most any 120 volt lighting that uses a standard plug including rope lights, string lights, strip lights, and more. Just plug this controller...

36 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Twinkling Snowflake Motif


Add this beautiful 36 inch cool white LED rope light snowflake to your Christmas light display this holiday season and impress all of your neighbors! The random twinkle effect makes it appear as if there is shimmering snow in your yard. Can be used both...

Brilliant 70 M5 Wide Angle LED String Light Set - 4 Inch Spacing


Commercial grade M5 wide angle LED String Lights by Brilliant feature 70 vibrant LEDs spaced 4 inch apart on green wire measuring 23.5 feet in length. Connect up to 43 sets end-to-end! Available in a wide selection of colors: Amber, Blue, Cool White,...

36 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Twinkling Snowflake Motif v2


Bring life to your Christmas light display this holiday season with the 36 inch LED twinkle snowflake. This snowflake has a unique random twinkle effect that simulates the simmer of falling snow. Features: Indoor/Outdoor use All weather aluminum frame...

12 Foot LED Showmotion 3D Christmas Tree


These giant LED filled 3-D animated Christmas tree motifs are sure to impress and attract the eyes of all your friends and neighbors. Not only is each tree is quick and simple to set up right out of the box, but the included one-touch controller with...

2-Channel Lighting Dimmer Controller - 120 Volt

$69.99 $49.99

This is an effective tool when you want full control over the brightness of your lighting system. This two channel dimmer works great for rope lighting but will work on virtually any standard 120V lighting product. Features: 2 Channel dimmer...

24 Inch Cool White LED Rope Light Snowflake Motif v8


Create a wonderful winter display this year with the dazzling 24” LED Snowflake Rope light motif! Hang them up outside on your porch, in windows, or dangle from tree branches to provide a shimmering snowflake light. The snowflake motifs look great...

Brilliant 70 M5 LED String Light Set - 4 Inch Spacing


Brilliant M5 LED String Lights add a distinct and vivid illumination to any indoor or outdoor lighting display. Set features 70 bright LEDs spaced 4 inches apart and measures 23.5 feet in length. This commercial quality 70 LED light set is energy...

Holiday Lights and Decor

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