LED High Bay Accessories

High bay lighting is the way to go if you need to brighten up a large space like a warehouse, gym, or industrial facility. You’ll love this lighting solution for its efficiency, longevity, and multitude of accessories designed to optimize performance.

Mix and match your lighting setup with product specific accessories like reflectors, lenses, motion sensors, and emergency backup modules. You’ll have a space that’s not only bright and functional, but also safe and intelligently illuminated.

Mounting Options for Every Space

When installing high bay lighting, choosing a mounting method is crucial to lumen delivery and how well the light spreads. Carefully consider your high bay light mounting strategy to ensure the lights perform at their best and use energy efficiently.

LED UFO High Bays

LED UFO high bay lights offer excellent flexibility with their unique, compact shape. You can attach these directly to the ceiling with brackets or hooks, use cable or chain, or utilize pole mount or NPT (threaded rod) to be able to adjust the height. This versatility is perfect for all kinds of commercial spaces, whether a manufacturing floor or retail/wholesale warehouse.

LED Linear High Bays

Meanwhile, linear high bay LED lights are ideal for areas that need consistent lighting over large spaces. Ideal for long isles or hallways. You'll often mount these using suspension cables or directly to the ceiling, which helps give your space a sleek look while spreading light effectively and efficiently.

Protective Guards and Lenses

Protective guards and lenses are essential accessories to boost the durability and performance of your high-bay lighting. These components shield the lights from dust, debris, and potential impacts in tough industrial settings while optimizing the light output. Use lenses to focus or diffuse the light as necessary, enhancing the quality of your illumination and reducing glare. This step also makes your workspace safer and more productive.

Dimming and Motion Sensors

Integrating dimming capabilities and motion sensor high bay lights unlocks significant energy savings and boosts operational efficiency. Dimming lets you adjust the light levels to match the time of day or the specific needs of a space, slashing energy use even further.

Motion sensors bring an optional smart touch to your high bay lighting setup, switching lights on only when there's movement. This feature is particularly useful for spaces where occupancy fluctuates. Motion sensors ensure you use lights only when necessary, extending their life and supporting a more sustainable environment.

Emergency Backup Solutions

High bay emergency lighting plays a vital role in your commercial lighting strategy, keeping things safe during power outages or emergencies. These systems come equipped with battery backups that kick in when your main power supply cuts off, lighting up safe evacuation paths. Many commercial facilities are required to install reliable high bay emergency lighting to comply with safety regulations and ensure everyone inside can make their way to an exit during a power outage.

Incorporating accessories from flexible mounting options to cutting-edge emergency backup solutions helps your high bay lighting systems tick all the right boxes for a modern, efficient lighting setup.

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