Gaming Lighting Buying Guide: Setting Up Your Gaming Desk

Gaming Lighting Buying Guide

Setting up your gaming desk is the first step toward owning the universe. You’ve got a console or two, a killer sound system and a chair that rocks, swivels and cradles you in comfort for marathon sessions.

But what about the lighting?

Gaming in total darkness can cause eyestrain and disorientation — or worse, accidents like spilling a drink or stepping on a misplaced controller. But conventional overhead lights cause glare, and floor and desk lamps create clutter.

The solution is LED lights for gaming setups that are versatile and user-friendly. The LED strip lights, rope lights and bulbs from Birddog Lighting give you tons of options for customizing your gaming setup with amazing colors and features.

Here are our top five ideas for the best LED lights for gaming setups that rock.

LED RGB Gaming Station

Let Color Be Your Gatekeeper

No matter where your gaming console is set up, you do not want to be disturbed while you’re dominating the enemy. Here’s where you can really see the value of LED lights for gaming setup privacy. Whether you’re using the corner of a shared space, holing up in a basement game cave or playing in your bedroom, let color be the gatekeeper of your gaming space. LED RGB strip lights change color on your command, so you can easily signal the other humans in your universe about your availability.

Cut these strip lights to the right length and hang them around the door frame, at the top of the stairs or around the parameters of your space. Then let everyone know that green means go for contact and red means do not disturb.

Backlight Your Console

You need all your focus on racking up points for the win. But focusing your eyes on that bright spot of your console in an otherwise dark room can cause eye strain — and get you owned before you know it. Use LED strip lights to backlight your console with a soft glow for your most comfortable gaming yet. These strip lights are super easy to install with their double-sided sticky backs and come in a whole rainbow of colors. Choose blue for an ethereal glow, red for an otherworldly feel or warm white for a brighter ambiance that won’t overpower your screen. Place them on the wall behind your console(s), around your keyboard and on your speakers for a multidimensional effect.

Up-Light Your Furniture

You’ve probably got a freaking awesome gaming chair. Make it look like the captain’s throne with up-lighting from LED rope lights. These bad boys are incredibly flexible and available in every color of the visible light spectrum. Choose your fave and wrap them around the pedestal just above your chair’s wheels. Then turn off all the other lights. It’ll look like your throne is floating in space! LED rope lights stay cool and use very little energy, so go ahead and wrap the legs of all your gaming space furniture, from your desk to your opponent’s chair to the floor lamp in the corner. Use different colors for each furniture piece, or use a controller to program cool effects like fading, dimming or chasing lights.

Go Big with RGB LEDs

LED lights put out some of the brightest light of any lighting option out there. Use 120-volt LED strip lights to make a big statement in your gaming space that completely eliminates the need for table or floor lamps. Wondering how do you set up LED lights for a room? Outline the entire ceiling of your room with dimmable cool white LED light strips. Write your persona name on the wall in neon LED strip lights. Show off your gaming posters or other wall art with free-wheeling loops of LED light strips, or wrap them around a fish tank or window frame for ambient lighting that takes up zero floor space while adding serious cool to your room. Streamline your gaming space and add color to your world with these versatile, flexible LED lights.

Create Your Own Universe

Gaming means entering another world. Make your gaming space its own world by creating a universe of stars with an old-school weekend craft project. All you need is an inexpensive paper orb hanging lantern, black spray paint, a nail or pencil, and an LED light bulb. Paint the entire paper shade black, inside and out. Then use the nail or pencil to poke holes through the shade in the shape of constellations. They don’t need to be astronomically accurate — this is your universe, after all! Screw the LED bulb into the fixture and hang it in your room. With all the other lights off, the stars will shine all over your walls and ceiling, creating a stellar backdrop for your gaming adventures.

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