120v LED Strip Grow Lights

What are grow lights?

Grow lights are made for plants to grow. The specific colors and science behind red and blue lights for plants is that natural lights produce a mixture of warm and cool light, this is the type of environment that plants thrive in. The warm tones of red and cool tones of blue provide the perfect balance for plants that need some direct or shaded light in a room without access to the natural light they need.

Which one’s do I buy?

We have two styles of grow lights, both are 120 volt but one has more light because it consists of 5 rows of lights while the other is one row. The lights you need depend on the plants you are growing. A few examples if you are growing spices such as basil, chives, oregano, parsley, thyme etc… these plants don’t require intense light so the one row grow lights would be satisfactory. On the other hand, if you are growing aloe vera, jade plants, garden crotons or even the common geranium. Grow lights are also very popular for variegated plants.

How do I know how to set up?

You might need to play around with your set up for each plant to find the sweet spot with distance and how many lights you need. You can visit the cut sheet or specs on each style of grow lights to find the lumen output.

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