24v Dream Color Neon Rope Lights

Dream Color is our advanced option for custom chasing lights. This lighting requires the user to be comfortable working with bare wires and follow instructions that we have printed out to help wire the lights to the controller box. With thousands of effect options these lights also have chasing patterns. The advanced array of colors from our standard controller or the fancy patterns and effects that come from our multi-function controller are just what you need to finish your project and tie everything together. Dream Color is great for indoor and outdoor applications with the proper weatherproofing on each connection and end.

When working with these lights it is important to recognize that dealing with electricity of any voltage is an activity that should be taken seriously in order to remain safe. With that in mind, as it says on the boxes we ship in as well as the warranty, plugging in lights while they are still on the spool will void the warranty. LED lights do not have high heat output but produce enough heat to melt the lights together when they are still on the spool.

24 Volt Dream Color Neon Rope Lights
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