24 Volt LED RGB 360 Neon Rope Light Mounting Clips (12 Pack)
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24 Volt LED RGB 360 Neon Rope Light Mounting Clips (12 Pack)

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LED RGB Neon 360 Rope Lights
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Product Overview

These C-style mounting clips are specifically designed for hassle-free installation of your RGB Neon 360 Rope Light. They come with a simple design that allows you to attach them to various surfaces effortlessly. Clips allow you to customize your arrangement so whether you want uniform spacing or a specific pattern, these clips allow flexibility. They are made with a clear plastic material allowing them to blend seamlessly into the background while keeping your lighting secure.

These clips can be used to mount your neon rope lights on different surfaces:
  • Ceilings: Attach the clips to the ceiling to create a stunning overhead lighting effect.
  • Walls: Secure the 360 Neon rope lights along walls for decorative accents.
  • Fences or Railings: Use the clips to line fences or railings, adding flair to outdoor spaces.

*Screws not included. M4 x 12 Screws Recommended

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