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LED Vapor Tight Lights

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Bright White LED Vapor Tight Strip Fixtures


By combining powerful lighting technology and an extremely weather and wear resistant design, LED vapor tight fixtures not only resist wet or dirty locations, but also provide an efficient and effective lighting source. LED vapor tight lights have superb...

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If you need lighting for a wet and damp environment then our LED Vapor Tight Lights are a great solution for your lighting needs. Vapor Tight LED Lights are great for both residential and commercial use, most commonly used in freezers, tunnels, warehouses, parking garage structures, construction sites and harsher environments. Not only are LED Vapor Tight Light Fixtures designed for dirty or wet locations, they have superb color rendering capacity, widespread output, and great visibility in the worst of conditions. LEDs are also great replacements for incandescent lighting as they are much more energy efficient and last longer, so you won’t be replacing them as often.

Birddog offers custom color temperatures available from 3,000K – 5,000K in 500K increments. Please call for more information.