C7 Incandescent Bulbs

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Orange / Purple / Clear C7 Flicker Flame String Light Bulbs (2-Pack)

$6.99 $2.99

These C7 flicker flame light bulbs come in a two bulb cartridge and can be used to mix and match your flickering light bulbs on the Flicker Flame String Light. Each candelabra style bulb gives off a flickering light to add an additional spooky feel to...

Our C7 Incandescent bulbs are the perfect way to light up your home this holiday season. For use with our C7 String Light and Socket sets, our C7 Incandescent bulbs have a variety of colors you can pick and choose from. We even offer flicker flame candelabra bulb sets that makes it appear as if you have flickering candles among your lights. Our 130V bulbs use less energy and last longer than 120V bulbs. Choose our C7 Incandescent light bulbs this holiday season and you will be satisfied with their ability to bring life to your home!